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Senate Minutes

January 15, 2004
Holy Cross House
7:00 p.m.

Members present: K. Ampong, L. Batt, B. Cross, S. deVink, J. Gaudet, J. Gilbert-Walsh, S. Hale, P. Hawkins, A. Hewson, N. Kinsella, P. MacDonald, P. Malcolmson, C. McCormick, M. McGowan, E. McKim, R. Myers (Chair), P. Ouellette, T. Parkhill, J. Rahn, S. Reid-MacNevin, S. Rodriguez, J. Rowcroft, A. Secord, N. Seely, D. van den Hoonaard

Regrets: P. Lee, D. O’Brien, M. Smith

Absent: R. Chrisjohn, I. Fraser, D. Gupta, M. MacDonald, S. Narine, D. Robinson

Dr. Myers called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

MOTION: That the agenda be adopted with the following additions:

a) Curriculum Committee
b) Approval of Graduates
c) Approval of student members of Standing Committees
Rahn:P. MacDonald. CARRIED.

2. Announcements

Dr. Myers reminded members of Senate of the following events:

a) St. Thomas University Gala Dinner: January 31, 2004
b) St. Thomas University Student Scholars Fair: March 25, 2004
c) Aquinas Day: January 28, 2004 (including Mass at 11:30 a.m., for which classes have been cancelled for that hour only.)

Rhodes Scholar

MOTION: That Matthew Carpenter be sent a letter of congratulation on his successful award of a Rhodes Scholarship, the first offered to a St. Thomas University student.
Kinsella:McGowan. CARRIED.
3. Minutes
MOTION: That the minutes of the December 16, 2003 meeting be approved with the italicized “ad hoc”.
Kinsella:Parkhill. CARRIED.

4. Business Arising

Dr. Myers pointed out that the reference to the review of CORE 2003 had to do with the setting up of a committee to review the offering of the CORE 2003 course.

MOTION: That a CORE 2003 review committee of Sheila Andrew, Alan Bourassa, and Michael George be struck.
McKim:Parkhill. CARRIED.

5. Curriculum Committee

a) MOTION: That Senate consider the report without the seven-day notice.
Hale:deVink. CARRIED.

b) Media Studies
MOTION: That the following courses be removed from the list of courses for Media Studies major:
JOUR 2033, 2043, 3016, and 3026
Rahn:McKim. CARRIED.

c) History

MOTION: That Senate approve the changes to the history curriculum as indicated (in the January 15, 2004 report).
Rahn:Malcolmson. CARRIED.

d) Irish Studies

MOTION: That Senate approve IRSH 2003 Art of the Golden Age: The Book of Kells, being offered as a special topics course for 2004-2005.
Rahn:Batt. CARRIED.

6. Approval of Graduates

MOTION: That Senate approve the awarding of the Bachelor of Arts degree to Jens F. Jeppeson.
Batt:McCormick. CARRIED.

7. Nomination of Student Members

MOTION: That Senate approve the nomination of the following student members to standing committees:

Michael MacDonald: Senate Admissions and Academic Standing
Sophia Rodriguez: Senate Curriculum Committee
Ampong:Ouellette. CARRIED.

8. External Reviews

Dr. Malcolmson updated Senate on the progress of the external reviews of the Psychology and Economics Departments. He circulated the Reviewers’ report for the Psychology Department and suggested that February 2004 might be when Senate could hold its special meeting to deal with the review recommendations concerning the Psychology Department.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Larry Batt, Secretary
January 16, 2004

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