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Senate Minutes

January 17, 2002
Holy Cross House Conference Room
7:00 p.m.

Members Present: M. Arévalo, G. Baier, K. Breen, D. Brodie, J. Coates, B. Craig, J. Doerr, B. Fisher-Townsend, S. Hale, P. Lee, S. MacDonald, D. McKenzie-Mohr, E. McKim, A. Moore, S. Murray, R. Myers, D. O'Brien (Chair), J. Palmer, J. Rahn, S. Reid-MacNevin, J. Rowcroft, N. Seely, R. Williams

Regrets: L. Batt, M. George, G. Kenyon, P. Pheeney, I. Thiessen

Absent: R. Chrisjohn, T. Good, D. Gupta, P. Malcolmson, D. Robinson, D. Savoie

Dr. O'Brien called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

Motion: That the agenda be adopted as amended – to add "curriculum committee" under # 6.
Brodie/McKenzie-Mohr. CARRIED.

2. Announcements

a) Official opening of Professional Studies Building – Monday, January 28, 10:00 a.m.
b) 3rd Annual Gala Dinner, Saturday, February 2.
c) The President reported that the Board of Governors, at its December meeting, adopted the amended version of Motion # 1 of the Report of the Enrolment Management
d) Michelle Arévalo invited Senators to attend Ethiopia Night at Class on Friday, January 18. The event is in support of the STU Model UN team's trip to Harvard.

3. Minutes

That the minutes of the December 13, 2001 Senate meeting be adopted as circulated.

McKenzie-Mohr:Hale. CARRIED.

4. Business Arising

Dr. Williams asked if there was any new information to be shared with Senate in relation to the C.F.I. acquisition. Dr. O'Brien responded that there was no specific information to report.

5. Research Ethics Board Policy Revision

Motion: That Section 1.2 " Composition of the REB" be amended to read: "The REB shall be made up of no less than 5 members . . ."

McKenzie-Mohr:McKim. CARRIED.

Motion: That the following sentence be inserted after the first sentence of Section 2.3(a): "For biomedical research, all research proposals, including those that present no more than minimal risk, must be peer-reviewed."

McKenzie-Mohr:Coates. CARRIED.

6. Committee Reports

a) Academic Planning

Dr. Hale presented the report that had been circulated at the December meeting, along with a supplementary report circulated for this meeting.

Motion: That the faculty members on the committee that generated the original proposal for a programme in Environment & Society be asked to resume their work

Hale:Coates. CARRIED.

b. Curriculum Committee

Professor Rahn circulated a brief report indicating that the Curriculum Committee had given special topics approval to the following courses for the 2002-2003 academic year:

HIST 2253 Art et culture en France: 1789-1900
HIST 3023 The Canadian Worker Since 1914
HIST 3523 Modern Russian Imperialism
HIST 4336 Germany and Europe in the Age of Total War

7. Senate Review Coordinating Committee


Motion: That Hastings be the first choice for one of the review positions and that Parent be approached if Hastings is unavailable. That Latessa be the first choice for the other position and that Boritch be approached if Latessa is unavailable.

Myers:McKim. CARRIED.


Motion: That Ommer be the first choice for one of the review positions and that Sangster be approached if Ommer is not available. That Howell be the first choice for the other position and that Parpart be approached if Howell is not available.
Myers:Doerr. CARRIED.

8. English Proficiency Standards

That the revisions to the University's English proficiency standards proposed in the report of January 2002 be adopted.
Myers:McKim. CARRIED.

9. UNB Libraries Communiqué

Dr. Doerr brought to the attention of Senate a communiqué from UNB Libraries dated December 7, 2001, and expressed concern about the removal of print materials now available in electronic form. Dr. Myers pointed out that Jocelyne Thompson, Head of Collections at Harriet Irving Library, will be meeting with St. Thomas Chairs and Programme Directors on January 29. It was agreed to defer further discussion of this matter to that meeting.

10. Registrar's Warrant

On behalf of the Registrar, Dr. Myers reported that a Registrar's Warrant had been used to provide approval for the HIST 3753 Issues of Race and Gender in 20th Century America. This course was offered at the last minute as a replacement for a course cancelled due to a research release.

11. Students Presenting at Academic Conferences

Motion: That a five-person committee be established; that this committee consist of a representative from two academic departments, Student Affairs, the Student Union, and the University Administration; and that this committee review the mechanisms and supports that exist to assist students to present papers and/or presentations at academic conferences. This committee will bring to Senate, by April 15, 2002, a recommendation on procedures, level of financial support, and criteria under which such financial support will be provided by the University.
Coates:Murray. CARRIED.

It was agreed that the mover and the seconder will serve on the committee.

12. Other Business

There was no other business.

13. Question Period

a) Barbara Fisher-Townsend asked whether there was a policy prohibiting part-time faculty members from serving on University committees. Dr. O'Brien responded that there was no such policy, but that it is not the practice of the University to ask part-time instructors to take on obligations for which they are not paid.

b) Dr. McKenzie-Mohr asked whether the University has a procedure for contacting the families of students who are victims in accidents. Dr. O'Brien responded that this is a matter covered by practice rather than by formal procedure.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

January 21, 2002
R. Myers, Secretary pro tem

If you wish to receive a copy of any of the reports, please contact Barb Greenman, Ext. 531 or