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Senate Minutes

July 22, 2003
Holy Cross Conference Room
2 :00 p.m.

Members present: L. Batt, R. Bittermann, I. Fraser, S. Hale, N. Kinsella, E. McKim, R. Myers (Chair), T. Parkhill, D. van den Hoonaard

Absent with regrets: R. Clews, S. deVink, J. Gilbert-Walsh, P. Hawkins, P. Lee, P. MacDonald, P. Malcolmson, C. McCormick, M. McGowan, D. O’Brien, J. Rahn, N,. Seely, D. van den Hoonaard

Absent: K. Ampong, R. Chrisjohn, S. Doiron, J. Sauvageau, D. Gupta, M.-E. Jardine, S. Narine, P. Ouellette, S. Reid-MacNevin, J. Rowcroft

Dr. Myers called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

Motion: That the agenda be adopted as circulated.
Bittermann:Parkhill. CARRIED.

2. Minutes

Motion: That the minutes of the meetings of June 19, 2003 be approved as circulated.
McKim:Parkhill. CARRIED.

3. Approval of Graduates

Motion: That Senate approve the candidates for graduation (BA - 51, BSW - 21, BEd - 59) and that the Registrar be empowered to add to the list the names of any latecomers whose credentials prove to be valid.
Batt:Parkhill. CARRIED.

4. Report of the Committee on Appointments to the Academic Staff (CAAS)
Requests for new established positions (July 8, 2003)

Motion: That Senate adopt the report of CAAS as circulated.
van den Hoonaard:McKim. CARRIED.

5. External Review Updates

Dr. Myers reported that the Psychology Department external reviewers’ report was not
expected before the fall. He also noted that the Gender Studies Committee had received approval for an extension to the deadline for its response to the external review.

6. Question Period

a) Dr. Parkhill asked about the new windows. Dr. Myers indicated that funds were assigned for an upgrade to the Conference Room windows and the Holy Cross House air circulation system.
b) In response to Dr. Fraser’s question about the opening of the new residence, Dr. Myers
reported that the opening is on target for early September.
c) In response to questions about enrollment, Dr. Myers gave a report on the enrollment management strategy and the current summer situation.

7. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Larry Batt, Secretary
July 23, 2003

If you wish to receive a copy of any of the reports, please contact Barb Greenman, Ext. 531 or