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Senate Minutes

March 18, 2004
Holy Cross House
7:00 p.m.

Members present: L. Batt, B. Cross, J. Gaudet, I. Fraser, S. Hale, P. Lee, P. MacDonald,
P. Malcolmson, E. McKim, D. O’Brien (Chair), T. Parkhill, J. Rahn, S. Reid-MacNevin, S. Rodriguez, J. Rowcroft, A. Secord, N. Seely, M.E. Smith, D. van den Hoonaard

Regrets: R. Clews, S. deVink, J. Gilbert-Walsh, A. Hewson, N. Kinsella, C. McCormick, M. McGowan, R. Myers

Absent: K. Ampong, R. Chrisjohn, D. Gupta, P. Hawkins, M. MacDonald, S. Narine, P. Ouellette, D. Robinson

Dr. O’Brien called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

Motion: That senate adopt the agenda as circulated with the addition of honourary degrees and introduction of new student government executive.

Rahn:Seely. CARRIED.

2. Announcements

a) Mr. Batt announced a correction to the published calendar of dates for 2004-2005.
New dates:
March 24 - last day to hold class tests in second semester.
March 25 to 28 - Easter weekend. University closed.

b) Mr. Batt announced the successful implementation of the online registration for continuing students. (March 10 - 24, 2004).

3. Minutes

a) Motion: That the minutes of the regular meeting of February 19, 2004 be adopted as circulated.
Smith:Cross. CARRIED.

b) Motion: That the minutes of the special meeting of February 19, 2004 be adopted as circulated.
Fraser:Cross. CARRIED.

4. LTD Committee Response Concerning Student Course Ratings

Mr. Batt reported that Dr. Moore, Chair of the LTD committee, had approved the proposal concerning the timing of the student course ratings.

Motion: That senate approve the proposed statement on timing. “Course ratings will take place during the last two weeks of classes. Instructors will be able to choose any class time slot within those two weeks.”

Batt:Smith. CARRIED.

5. Transition Regulations for Anthropology Programme

Mr. Batt and Dr. MacDonald identified a need to publish transition regulations for students in the anthropology minors, majors, and honours programmes. They will submit the regulations for approval at the next meeting.

6. Curriculum Committee

Prof. Rahn had circulated the March 18, 2004 report to senate.

Motion: That senate approve the report.
Smith:Rahn. CARRIED.

7. Research Ethics Policy

At the request of Dr. Clews, Dr. O’Brien gave notice of motion concerning some amendments to the Research Ethics Policy. It was agreed that the chair of the Research Ethics Board, Dr. Michael Houlihan, would be consulted in advance of bringing the motion for consideration at the April 2004 meeting.

8. Search Committee for the Position of President

Dr. O’Brien circulated the terms of reference for the Search Committee for the Position of President. He called for nominations for the positions of the two full-time members of faculty.

1st ballot
2nd ballot
Jeannette Gaudet
Noël Kinsella (not eligible; not a full-time faculty member)
Ian Fraser
11 *
Susan Reid-MacNevin
9 *
Elizabeth McKim
* declared elected

9. External Review

Dr. Malcolmson circulated the Economics Department Self Study.

Motion: That senate approve Dr. Frank Strain and Dr. Marjorie Griffin-Cohen as external reviewers for the Department of Economics.
Malcolmson:Rahn. CARRIED.

10. New Student Executive

Sofia Rodriguez announced to senate the newly-elected Students’ Union executive who will be taking office effective May 1, 2004.

President: Shawn Stevenson
Vice-President Administration: Steven Brosha
Vice-President External: Sofia Rodriguez
Vice-President Student Services: Hayley Tomlinson

11. Student Fair

Dr. Malcolmson circulated information on the March 24, 2004, First St. Thomas University Student Scholars’ Research and Ideas Fair.

12. Honourary Degree Recipients

Dr. O’Brien gave senators a confidential report on the three candidates for honourary degrees for May 10, 2004.

13. Question Period

Professor Rahn asked if there were any plans to recognize the 40th anniversary of the arrival of St. Thomas University in Fredericton, opening for classes September 1964.

14. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

Larry Batt, Secretary
March 19, 2004

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