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Senate Minutes

November 15 , 2001
Holy Cross House Conference Room
7:00 p.m.

Members present:

M. Arévalo, A. Bain (representing Religious Studies), L. Batt, K. Breen, J. Coates, J. Doerr, B. Fisher-Townsend, T. Good, S. Hale, D. McKenzie-Mohr, E. McKim, A. Moore, S. Murray, R. Myers, J. Palmer, P. Pheeney, J. Rahn, S. Reid-MacNevin, I. Thiessen, R. Williams

Absent with regrets:

G. Baier, D. Brodie, M. George, P. Lee, S. MacDonald, P. Malcolmson,
D. O'Brien, J. Rowcroft, N, Seely


R. Chrisjohn, D. Gupta, G. Kenyon, N. Kinsella, D. Robinson, D. Savoie

Dr. Myers called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

Motion: That the circulated agenda be approved.
Murray:Palmer. CARRIED.

2. Announcements

Dr. Myers announced the following:

  1. Monday, November 19, 2001 - Bernie Vigod Memorial Lecture
  2. Thursday, November 22, 2001 - Special Workshop for students applying for Graduate School, 11:30 a.m., PSB 103
  3. Thursday, November 22, 2001 - Meeting of Chairs of Departments from UNB and STU
  4. Wednesday, November 28, 3:30 p.m. and Thursday, November 29, 11:45 a.m.- UNB Law Library meetings for STU professors, PSB 103
  5. Friday, November 30, 2001 - Book reception for Dr. Gayle MacDonald

3. Minutes

Motion: That the minutes of the October 18, 2001 meeting be adopted as circulated.

a) Correction of Agenda motion seconder - "Palmer" not "Power."

b) Correction to Item 3b of the minutes:

Delete: "At the December 2001 meeting of the Board, the following recommendation will be considered: that there be no reference to a specific enrolment target and that a revised enrolment range be 2400-2800."

Add: Dr. O'Brien also indicated that he would himself propose to the Board an amendment of the first motion to delete reference to the specific target of 2500 and to change the upper limit of the range to 2800.

Motion: CARRIED.

4. Curriculum Committee

Prof. Rahn had circulated a report from the Senate Curriculum Committee.

a) Motion: That Senate approve ESL 1013 English for Academic Purposes I
ESL 1023 English for Academic Purposes II
Rahn:McKim. CARRIED.

b) Motion: That Senate approve ENGL 3226 Early Drama in Production.
Rahn:McKim. CARRIED.

c) Motion: That Senate approve ENGL 3633 Literature and Medicine.
Rahn:McKim. CARRIED.

d) Motion: That Senate approve the revised description for COOP 1003 Introduction to Experiential Learning.
Rahn:Arévalo. CARRIED.

e) Motion: That Senate approve the revised calendar description and prerequisite for POLS 2106 Canadian Politics.
Rahn:Palmer. CARRIED.

f) Motion: That Senate approve POLS 3316 Comparative Politics.
Rahn:Moore. CARRIED.

g) Motion: That Senate approve the addition of a prerequisite to POLS 3806 The Western Tradition of Political Philosophy.
Rahn:Doerr. CARRIED.

h) Motion: That Senate approve the changes in title and descriptions for POLS 1103 Law, Power and Canadian Politics and POLS 1603 Law, Power and Global Politics.
Rahn:Kenyon. CARRIED.

Prof. Rahn reminded Senators that the Senate Curriculum Committee should receive any requests for curriculum changes by November 29, 2001.

5. Intersession Report

Mr. Batt circulated the report on Intersession/Summer Session2001. He described the success of the programme and noted the need to revisit some of the procedures and dates of the policy.

6. Nominating Committee

Motion: That Ian Fraser be named to the Research Committee to June 30, 2002.
Batt:McKenzie-Mohr. CARRIED.

7. Committee on Budget

Dr. Myers called for Senate nominees to the President's Advisory Committee on the Budget:

(a) the student member
Melissa Everett * declared elected

(b) the faculty member
Del Brodie * declared elected

8. Calendar Publication Schedule

Mr. Batt announced the calendar publication schedule of dates for the 2002-2003 edition of the calendar, noting the need for a mid-December senate meeting to consider curriculum and programme changes for the calendar. It was agreed to hold the December meeting as follows:

Thursday, December 13, 2001
12:00 noon
Holy Cross House Conference Room

It was also agreed to provide flexibility for the normal distribution notice of one week so that the Curriculum Committee could submit its recommendations for circulation Monday, December 10, 2001.

9. Graduation Pledge

Dr. McKenzie-Mohr had circulated a proposal for a graduation pledge.

a) Motion: That the report be received.
Palmer:Arévalo. CARRIED.

b) Motion: That the matter be referred to the Academic Planning Committee.
Kenyon:McKenzie-Mohr. CARRIED.

10. Question Period

a) Prof. Rahn asked about the ownership of the corner section of the Windsor/Montgomery Streets parking lot. Dr. Myers reported that St. Thomas leases this property from UNB.

b) In response to Dr. Doerr's question about the Maclean's ranking of 18 in terms of class
size, Dr. Myers reported that the University recognizes the problem and has been making representations for increased funding to acquire additional teaching staff.

c) In response to Dr. Hale's question concerning the status of the review of the impact of the Tri-Council Policy and the Research Ethics Committee on research proposals at St. Thomas, Dr. Myers reported that there had been an open forum. Dr. Myers agreed to look into the matter of the need for a formal notice to initiate action.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

November 16, 2001
Larry Batt, Secretary

If you wish to receive a copy of any of the reports, please contact Barb Greenman, Ext. 531 or