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Senate Minutes

October 18, 2001
Holy Cross House Conference Room
7:00 p.m.

Members present:

M. Arévalo, A. Bain (Religious Studies Dept. representative), L. Batt,
K. Breen, D. Brodie, J. Coates, B. Craig (Philosophy Dept. representative), J. Doerr, B. Fisher-Townsend, S. Hale, G. Kenyon, P. Lee, S. MacDonald, D. McKenzie-Mohr, E. McKim, A. Moore, S. Murray, R. Myers, D. O'Brien, J. Palmer, P. Pheeney, J. Rahn, J. Rowcroft, D. Savoie, N. Seely, I. Thiessen, R. Williams

Absent with Regrets:

M. George, N. Kinsella, P. Malcolmson, S. Reid-MacNevin


R. Chrisjohn, T. Good, D. Gupta, D. Robinson

Dr. O'Brien called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

Motion: That the agenda be adopted as circulated, with the addition of a Registrar's Warrant report.
Craig:Power. CARRIED.

2. Minutes

a) Motion: That the minutes of the September 27, 2001 meeting be adopted as circulated.
Murray:Arévalo. CARRIED.

b) Motion: That the minutes of the October 11, 2001 meeting be adopted as circulated.
Williams:Rahn. CARRIED.

3. Business Arising from Minutes

a) Andrew Moore gave a brief report on the Students' Union's response to the report on plagiarism.

"The Students' Union on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 charged the Vice-President Administration to take steps towards implementing the recommendations made by the Student Academic Grievance Committee and Senate.

1. The Students' Union will draft a statement of academic integrity to be ready for September 2002.

2. In addition, the Students' Union will ensure that plagiarism awareness and prevention becomes a part of the annual Orientation programme."

b) Dr. O'Brien commented on the recommendation of the Enrolment Management Committee report. He noted that the Board of Governors would be dealing with the first motion on targeted enrolment. At the December 2001 meeting of the Board, the following recommendation will be considered:

"that there be no reference to a specific enrolment target and that a revised enrolment range be 2400-2800 full-time students."

4. Admissions and Academic Standing Committee

Mr. Batt circulated the report of the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee.

Motion: That the deadline for adding courses be changed to the seventh working day from the start of the semester; that the change be effective starting the academic year 2002-2003.
Batt:Rahn. CARRIED.

5. Student Nominations

Andrew Moore nominated the following slate:

Student Committee
Aimee White Admissions and Academic Standing
Katherine Breen Honorary Degree
Jewel Frenette Joint Board-Senate

Motion: That the slate be approved.
Moore:Palmer. CARRIED.

6. November 1, 2001 Graduates

Motion: That the Senate approve the degrees in course (6) for graduation, November 1, 2001; and that the Registrar be empowered to add to the list the names of any latecomers whose credentials prove to be valid.
Batt:Myers. CARRIED.

7. Registrar's Warrant

Mr. Batt reported the first instance of the exercise of the Registrar's Warrant for Japanese 1013 Introductory Japanese I for September to December, 2001.

8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

October 19, 2001
Larry Batt, Secretary

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