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Senate Minutes

September 19 , 2002
Holy Cross House Room 5
7:00 p.m.

Members Present: L. Batt, R. Bittermann, R. Clews, J. Coates, I. Fraser, M. Ircha (UNB Rep.), P. Lee, P. Malcolmson, M. McGowan, E. McKim, W. McLean, R. Myers, D. O'Brien (Chair), T. Parkhill, J. Rahn, W. Randall (Gero Rep.), M. Reimer, R. Williams

Regrets: C. McCormick, J. McLaughlin, S. Reid-MacNevin, D. Savoie, N. Seely, A. White

Absent: M. Arévalo, R. Chrisjohn, J. Gaudet, T. Good, N. Kinsella, J. Palmer, I. Thiessen

Dr. O'Brien called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

MOTION: That the agenda be adopted as circulated.
Williams:Fraser. CARRIED.

2. Minutes

MOTION: That the minutes of the July 23, 2002 meeting be adopted as circulated.
Batt:Fraser. CARRIED.

3. Welcome

Dr. O'Brien welcomed the new members in attendance:

Dr. Rusty Bittermann
Dr. Rosemary Clews
Dr. Michael Ircha (UNB)
Rev. Dr. Michael McGowan

4. Admissions and Academic Standing Committee

Dr. Fenwick had circulated the report on Advanced Standing (June 3, 2002).

MOTION: That Senate approve the policy on Advanced Standing - Challenge for Credit.


Amendment: That the policy exempt the programmes of Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Work (one-year post-degree and the professional years of the four-year stream).

Williams:Coates. CARRIED.

Amended Motion Carried.

5. Curriculum Committee

a) Prof. Rahn had circulated the report of the Curriculum Committee. (September 19, 2002).

MOTION: That Senate approve the recommendations in the report.

Rahn:Williams. CARRIED.

b) Registrar's Warrant

Mr. Batt reported the exercise of the Registrar's Warrant in the absence of Curriculum Committee and Senate approval in July-August, 2002 for the following courses:

ESL 1213 Advanced English for Academic Purposes I
ESL 1223 Advanced English for Academic Purposes II
JOUR 2023 Journalistic Writing
JOUR 2043 Photojournalism
JOUR 3016 Advanced Broadcast Journalism
JOUR 3026 Advanced Print Journalism
JOUR 4006 Free Speech and the Free Press

6. Nominating Committee

a) MOTION: That Senate approve the following nominees for the CAAS:

CAAS - Alan Bourassa (2004)

Senate Committee on Research - Shawn Narine (2004)

Myers:Fraser. CARRIED.

b) MOTION: That Senate approve the nominations of students to serve on the committees:

Academic Planning - Aimee White
Admissions and Academic Standing - Lindsay Briggs
Campus Planning - (Senator to be elected October 2002)
Curriculum - (Senator to be elected October 2002)
Joint Board/Senate - Wes McLean
Student Academic Grievance - Jewel Frenette
Learning and Teaching Development - Nicole Thibodeau
Honorary Degree Committee - Student Senator

McLean:Coates. CARRIED.

c) MOTION: That Senate approve the following nominees to serve on the Intersession Committee:

Elizabeth McKim
Douglas Vipond
Student to be named
Batt:Reimer. CARRIED.

7. Question Period

a) Registration

Dr. Fraser engaged the senators in a discussion on the various aspects of the September 2002 registration process, including wait lists and the perceived lack of flexibility in course choices for students. Dr. Myers and Mr. Batt commented on the current situation and the plan for a September 25, 2002 post-mortem meeting.

b) Dr. Parkhill asked about the tentative enrolment count. Dr. O'Brien responded that the current enrolment of 2800 full-time students and another 250 part-time students seems to be at the top end of the enrolment target established by the University last year.

c) Dr. Reimer asked about the enrolment of international students. Dr. O'Brien reported that this year's target of 75 students had been reached.

8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Larry Batt, Secretary
September 23, 2002

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