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Senate Minutes

September 27, 2001
Holy Cross House Conference Room
7:00 p.m.

Members present:

M. Arévalo, G. Baier, L. Batt, D. Brodie, J. Coates, B. Craig (Phil Rep), J. Doerr, T. Good, S. Hale, D. Hare, G. Kenyon, P. Lee, S. MacDonald, D. McKenzie-Mohr, E. McKim, A. Moore, S. Murray, R. Myers, J. Palmer, J. Rahn, J. Rowcroft, N. Seely, I. Thiessen, R. Williams

Absent with Regrets:

D. O'Brien, S. Reid-MacNevin


K. Breen, R. Chrisjohn, I. Fraser, M. George, D. Gupta, P. Malcolmson, D. Robinson, D. Savoie

Dr. Myers called the meeting to order.

1. Welcome

Dr. Myers welcomed, as new members of Senate, Prof. Philip Lee, Director of Journalism, and Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Delegate of FAUST President.

2. Announcements

a) Dr. Myers announced the appointment of Dr. Torbjörn Svensson as the University's second Adjunct Professor.

b) Dr. Myers announced the date of November 1, 2001 for the annual Dean's List Dinner.

c) Dr. Myers announced the planned curriculum retreat scheduled for Friday afternoon, October 19, 2001, to be held at the Mactaquac Holiday Inn. He announced that University classes would be cancelled from 11:30 a.m. that day.

3. Minutes

Motion: That the minutes of August 29, 2001 be approved as circulated.
Batt:Arévalo. CARRIED.

4. Business Arising

Dr. Williams expressed concerns about the ongoing issues surrounding computing services which he had raised under Question Period in August 2001. Dr. Myers responded that the University had arranged for private-sector management of the service for three months.

Mr. Batt assumed the Chair.

5. Curriculum Committee

Dr. Myers submitted the Curriculum Committee report.

Motion: That Senate approve COOP 1003Experiential Learning.
Myers:Rahn. CARRIED

6. Enrolment Management

Dr. Myers introduced the circulated report of the Enrolment Management Committee.

a) Motion: That the target for full-time student enrolments be set at 2500 and that the acceptable enrolment range be set at 2400 to 2600.

i) Motion: That the motion on the enrolment target be tabled.
Hale:Coates. DEFEATED. (4-13-3)

ii) Myers:McKim Motion CARRIED. (12-2-5)

b) Motion: That enrolment be managed in such a way as to improve the graduation rate of students from Year 2.
Myers:Brodie. CARRIED. (18-1-1)

c) Motion: That the Vice-President (Academic) monitor application and enrolment data and, in consultation with the Director of Admissions, close the University to new applications after July 31, or any later date, when necessary for the achievement of our enrolment objectives.
Myers:Brodie. CARRIED.

d) Motion: That the minimum average required for admission to degree programmes be extended from 65% to 67%, and that students with admissions averages below 65% and 67% now be placed in First-Year Studies.
Myers:Brodie. CARRIED.

e) Motion: That the current regulation mandating dismissal for students with an annual GPA below 1.0 be amended to raise the requirement from 1.0 to 1.5.
Myers:Brodie. CARRIED.

f) It was agreed that the implementation of the revised admissions average be for the class entering September 2002. The revised requirement would be made public immediately through the high school relations officers and the web edition of the University Calendar.

g) The Committee had offered Senate various options for the implementation of the change to the academic dismissal minimum GPA.

i) Motion: That Senate defer a decision concerning the implementation until the October 2001 Senate meeting.
Moore:Palmer. DEFEATED (6-14-1)

ii) Motion: That the revised academic dismissal regulation be implemented effective September 1, 2002 (for academic performance in the 2002-2003 academic year).
Brodie:Kenyon. CARRIED. (14-5-3)

7. Nominating Committee

Motion: That Linda Coates be named to the Senate Curriculum Committee and that Jonathan Rahn be named Chair.
Myers:Baier. CARRIED.

8. Senate Review Coordinating Committee (SRCC)

Motion: That the proposed SRCC slate of nominations for the review of the Aquinas Programme be approved.
Myers:McKim. CARRIED.

9. Search Committees

Motion: That Senate authorize the establishment of search committees for Chairs of Education, History, Psychology, and Religious Studies.
Myers:Brodie. CARRIED.

Motion: That Jonathan Rahn be the Senate nominee to sit on these four search committees.
Myers:Brodie. CARRIED.

Dr. Myers assumed the Chair

10. Student Nominations

Mr. Moore had circulated a list of student nominees for Senate Standing Commitees.

Motion: That Senate approve the slate as circulated.
Moore:Palmer. CARRIED.

11. Question Period

Dr. Hale asked that the Senate room chairs be oiled.

12. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

September 28, 2001
Larry Batt, Secretary

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