Russ reads, yet again, from Randall Jarrell's The Bat-Poet

    When he had finished, the chipmunk didn't say anything; the bat said uneasily, "Did you like it?"

    For a minute the chipmunk didn't answer him. Then he said: "It really is like him. You know, he's chased me. And can he imitate me! You wouldn't think he'd drive you away and imitate you. You wouldn't think he could."

    The bat could see that what the chipmunk said meant that he liked the poem, but he couldn't keep from saying: "You do like it?"

    The chipmunk said, "Yes, I like it. But he won't like it."

    "You liked the one about you," the bat said.

    "Yes," the chipmunk answered, but he won't like the one about him."

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