With appreciation and affection for Ashley
And apologies to Christian Bok

Enter Sharron
S:     We don't want to Eunoia, but we have to admit this is patchwritten--right out of the Bok, eh?
  A bard scrawls a draft--blatant sarcasm! Banal trash!
  An adamant charlatan mars stanzas, scraps parts, and balks at ballads.
  Bad karma! A harsh law that bans paragraphs that lack standards. Awkward
  grammar appals a craftsman!
        I'll just run off now and make a quick change.

Enter Janet
J:     Here I am again
  Relentless, we peddle these verses, even when we deem the new precepts
  "mere dreck". These vexed peers resent the new. Nevertheless, we rebels
  perservere, never dejected, never deterred, even when hecklers'
  vehement speeches reject the newer verbs. We feel perplexed when we see
  these exerpted sentences. We cheer when we detect the clever scheme.
        Don't go away now, I'm just going to make a quick change and I'll
        be back in a minute.

Enter Sharron
S:     And now I would like to do a little number about inkshedding
  Writing is inhibiting. Sighing, I sit scribbling in ink.
  I sing with witticism. I fit childish insights within rigid limits. I
  write shtick which might instill misgivings--criticism with hindsight.
  Is it glib? Is it chic? Sniping, while indicting nitwits, I bitch, I
  kibbitz, dismissing critics' simplistic thinking.
Nods and exits.

Enter Janet
J:     Here's one about good old down home PEI weather.
  Cold stormfront howls
  Cool brook flows.
  Long fronds of moonwort grow on moss bogs of sod.
  Fog rolls off old lochs onto boondocks of floss.
  Cows moo to the foghorns.
  Lots of frogs hop from pond to pond, rock to rock -- Plop!
Hucklebucks from side to side.
Runs off; remembers, then returns quickly.

J:     I just want to say what a wonderful audience you have been.
        Sometimes, you know, I have to do this for people who are much
        older... Now, I just have to make a little change and then I'll be
        right back with U in a minute.

Grins widely and runs off.

Enter Sharron

S:     Shrubs bud. Gulls churr. Ducks cluck. Bugs hum. Such tumult!
        But surf lulls us.


Enter Janet.
Places bowl invitingly on chair.

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