Finding each other in a hall of mirrors:
negotiating goals and values in language.

May 6-9, 1999
Location: Hotel Mont Gabriel, Québec.
(Laurentian region, one hour north of Montréal)

As usual this year's theme arises from discussions at last year's conference, where the focus on multiple literacies, ethics and responsibility led to insights and questions about the goals and values of different educational cultures. This year we want to build on these insights and add other perspectives that will, together, move our understanding forward.

Walking through the hall of mirrors of language and literacy education, teachers constantly meet new reflections, surprising as well as familiar views of themselves and of others. Teaching communication (composition, language arts, literature, rhetoric and related subjects) involves an awareness of multiple cultures and contexts. Discussions no longer centre only on academic written language in a North American context; instead they move among many forms of communication: international, technological, intercultural, visual, oral and physical.

As the 1990s draw to a close, certain questions about negotiation among different cultures have become urgent. What misunderstandings can arise between teachers' and students' experience of the classroom and other educational settings? To what extent do teachers try to impose their own goals and values, and to what extent do they accept students' goals and values? Can educators establish a balance between what their teaching and learning have achieved in the past and must achieve in the future?

As usual, the conference will avoid the talking-head-reading-paper format by continuing the venerable Inkshed tradition of active participant involvement and unconventional approaches. We will continue with the tradition of built-in reading time. Please start to think about what you would like to bring or send to the reading table.

Conference organizers:

Ann Beer and Jane Ledwell-Brown
Department of Educational Studies
Faculty of Education
McGill University
3700 McTavish Street
Montréal, Québec H3A 1Y2

Phone: (514) 398-6746 extensions 5135 (Ann) or 2472 (Jane)
Fax: (514) 398-4529/4679