Membership in CASLL (and subscriptions to the Inkshed Newsletter) run from January to December. This means that yours has expired. You need to send $20 (or $10) to Kenna Manos (address and details on the inside front cover) as soon as possible to maintain your membership -- unless you've already done it. You also need to inform Kenna, at the same time, if you prefer to continue getting the Inkshed Newsletter as a printed and mailed copy.

If you would like to have access to the Newsletter as a .pdf file, so that you could download it from the Inkshed Web site and print it with Acrobat Reader (in that way pagination and layout would be exactly as in the printed version, but we'd save the labor, envelope and postage) please indicate that as well.

After this issue only those who have indicated that they wish to receive a paper copy will do so: the Newsletter will be available on the Web site, as a hypertext file, as it has been for some time.

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