Welcome to the CASLL

[This is an edited version of the Web page which introduces people to the electronic mailing list. It's printed it here as an invitation to Inkshedders who haven't yet joined to try it. As is mentioned in the editorial, there are a substantial number of members of CASLL and subscribers to the newsletter who have no connection to the rest of the organization between issues of the print newsletter, and who may not be aware that this is available. ]

CASLL is the acronym for the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning. It's also known as "Inkshed," which is the name of the annual working conference which has been held in various locations in Canada since 1984, and which gave rise to the organization.

CASLL / Inkshed maintains a site where you can find current and back issues of the Inkshed Newsletter, information on conferences, and other information, on the World Wide Web at


More to the point, there is an electronic discussion forum, run on a LISTSERV situated at the University of New Brunswick, and "owned" (that is, he sweeps the streets) by Russ Hunt at St. Thomas University. The list is electronically archived on the Web, at


The archive is arranged by months, is searchable, and is complete back to the beginning of 1995.

To subscribe to this list, you send, to LISTSERV@UNB.CA, a one-line mail message saying simply "subscribe CASLL [your name]."

The message will be forwarded to Russ, and he'll complete the process.

Renew your subscription and membership in CASLL

You can do this by sending a cheque, made out to "Inkshed at NSCAD," for $20 ($10 for students and the un[der]employed) to the following address:

Kenna Manos
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3J6

If you don't know whether your subscription has expired, it almost certainly has. Send the cheque anyway, and Kenna will apply it to the next year's membership -- and CASLL will have money to support attendance at the conference by students and un[der]employed scholars.