From the Editor's Notepad

This edition of Inkshed brings you more in the conversation about classroom teaching of workplace writing that has now spanned several issues. Both Roger Graves and Natasha Artemeva describe their practice and the results experienced by their students.

Two new features in this issue are an annotated bibliography by Natasha Artemeva and a column featuring brief descriptions of current work engaged in by CASLL members. I hope you will add to these collections in future issues. The annotated bibliography will be a useful resource for all (and you will also find links there to other website bibliographies), and the column on who is doing what will help keep us in touch and perhaps spur some more conversations and ideas among those engaged in similar pursuits. You will also find the registration form for Inkshed 20, (The Reunion). Look for more information about the program on the list soon. This promises to be another in the long list of our conferences described as the: "best Inkshed ever." For those who can attend, remember that we need a volunteer to review of the conference for the next newsletter for those unfortunates who can't be there.

Jane Milton

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