Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2006

From the Editors' Desktops

Heather Graves

Roger Graves

The University of Western Ontario




At the Annual General Meeting last year at White Point Beach, NS, issues about the organization's board and general governance came up. To refresh the memories of those of you who were there and for those of you who weren't, here is a list of the three most compelling points:

  • Do we need a more active and clearly defined board?
  • Is there a reason to have a president, or some other executive officer who would take responsibility for planning AGMs and conducting discussions of issues that might arise between conferences?
  • Can we (should we) leave that with the treasurer?

At Gimli, we acted to constitute the board and have included the names of the board members at the front of this newsletter. By keeping that list up-to-date, we hope to avoid confusion about just who is on the board. We've included email addresses for them in the event you want to email one of them directly.

Several motions were passed at the meeting:

  • to investigate an alliance with three other groups of academics: The Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, The Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric, and the new Canadian Writing Centres Association
  • to create an new journal tentatively called Inkshed: The Journal of the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning
  • to call for two more book manuscripts to be published by Inkshed Publications
  • to hold the next conference in London, ON in May 2007

As you can see, we've got lots to discuss. If you have a position or comment on any of these issues, we'd love to print it.

Heather Graves

Roger Graves


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