Minutes from Annual General Meeting, May 12, 2002 of the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Literacy (Inkshed 19, Stanhope, Prince Edward Island)

Present: Laura Atkinson, Susan Drain, Jan Duerden, Jennifer Gilbert, Roger Graves, Anne Hungerford, Russ Hunt, Nan Johnson, Roberta Lee, Brock MacDonald, Shurli Makmillen, Kenna Manos, Linda Meggs, Rachel Nash, Deborah Payne, Margaret Procter, J. Barbara Rose, Ginny Ryan, Leslie Sanders, Wendy Strachan, Tosh Tachino, Kathy Voltan, Sharron Wall

Regrets: Patricia Golubev, Victoria Littman

Russ Hunt served as chair.

1.  The group approved the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of May 2001.

2.  Kenna Manos presented the Treasurer’s Report:

 $ 3290.35
dues paid at Inkshed 18
dues paid since then but before May 9, 2002
 $ 4344.95

4. The group affirmed that this balance should be used to support the attendance at conferences of graduate students and the underemployed. Margaret Procter moved (seconded by Susan Drain) that those requiring this subsidy be invited to submit receipts to the Treasurer by June 15 for consideration of reimbursement; the motion carried.  Linda Meggs volunteered to send out notice to the list of registered Inkshed 19 participants with this invitation. Kenna Manos (seconded by Brock MacDonald) moved that next year’s organizers be directed to include a note about these subsidies in their call for proposals.

5. Four new board members were elected to take the place of those whose terms expire this year: Tosh Tachino, Nan Johnson, Shurli Makmillen, Jen Gilbert.

NOTE: The other board members are Geoff Cragg, Victoria Littman, Brock MacDonald, Linda Meggs, and  Wendy Strachan (elected in 2001 for three years), Jane Ledwell-Brown (re-elected in  2000 for three years), and Kenna Manos as Treasurer.

6.  Laura Atkinson reported for Inkshed Publications, noting once again that the current bank balance ($4,780.33 as of May 2, 2002) was enough to publish a small book. No calls for proposals have been issued since the discussion of that possibility at the 2001 AGM.  Members noted the suitability of Roger Graves’ planned book on Canadian writing programs for a publishing project. Members also suggested that the current CASLL budget could be also be drawn upon to subsidize a publication if necessary.

7. Other business: Roger Graves reported from the Canadian caucus of the 2002 Conference on College Composition and Communication that the Working Class Caucus had asked for Canadian endorsement of three statements: that all positions in writing programs be declared ful-time, that instructors be enabled to choose part-time work only if it included benefits, and that no writing program have more than 10% of its instructors in part-time positions. After discussion, the sense of the meeting was that these resolutions did not relate to Canadian conditions and that our vote would not be appropriate.

8. It was generally agreed that Inkshed 20 would be held near Toronto. CASLL members from the Toronto area agreed to organize it. Leslie Sanders noted that our celebration of the twentieth anniversary should look forward and welcoming new participants as well as celebrating our past. There was a consensus that setting a maximum of 50 to 60 people would allow us to continue meeting in all-group sessions, with the possibility of small-group breakouts as well. The Toronto group asked for suggestions as to specific locations. After discussion, there was general agreement on a tentative title: “Teaching in Context: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Learning.” This title and theme will be clarified by online discussion before the call for papers is issued. Other suggestions were made to continue encouraging poster displays and a reading table, in a separate room if possible.

9. Before adjourning, the meeting thanked the organizers of Inkshed 19 for an excellent conference.

-- Margaret Procter, Secretary pro tem

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