Technostyle is the journal of the Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.  Technostyle presents articles and reviews of interest to teachers, practitioners, or researchers involved in technical, academic, professional, scientific, and governmental communication.

We are pleased to announce an upcoming special issue of Technostyle on the expertise of professional writing and its development.

We invite manuscripts written from a variety of approaches to the study of nonliterary communication – rhetorical, linguistic, sociological, cultural, ethnographic – but all submissions should be securely situated in relevant research.  While manuscripts addressing pedagogical issues are welcome, authors should avoid describing lessons without explaining their significance to broader theoretical concerns.  In addition to the criterion of relevance to the teaching, practice, and research of technical writing, suitable submissions for publication are as follows: articles based on sound empirical research, the significance of which is explicated in terms of relevant and current theory, or articles that make a contribution to a current, developing rhetorical framework.  Technostyle also welcomes articles that place these concerns in a context specific to relevant scholarship in Canada and to international contexts.

Manuscripts should be addressed to

Fay Hyndman, Nadeane Trowse, and Gloria Borrows
Editors, Technostyle
Writing Centre
University College of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7M8
604.853.7441 local 4282
Manuscripts should be no longer than 6,500 words (25 double spaced, typed pages) and should be submitted in two copies free of internal or external indications of identity of authorship.  All manuscripts will be externally reviewed and authors may be asked to undertake revisions in response to reviewers’ evaluations.  The editors also invite submissions of 500 words that respond to articles published in Technostyle.  Publication is subject to editorial decision.

Authors of accepted submissions are asked to follow APA style in citations and headings.

Annual membership dues for CATTW are CAN $25 for students, $40 for individuals, and $50 for institutions and include a subscription to Technostyle.  Dues may be sent to

Dr. Robert Irish, Director
Language Across the Curriculum
Applied Science and Engineering
University of Toronto SF B670
The CATTW website can be located at this address: