Minutes from Annual General Meeting, May 13, 2001 of the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Literacy (Inkshed 18, Canmore, Alberta)

Present: Jo-Anne André, Doug Brent, Diana Brent, Geoff Cragg, Susan Drain, Janice G. Freeman, Amanda Goldrick-Jones, Anne Hungerford, Russ Hunt, Theresa Hyland, Victoria Littman, W. Brock MacDonald, Kenna Manos, Linda Meggs, Jane Milton, Patricia Patchet-Golubev, Margaret Procter, J. Barbara Rose, Leslie Sanders, Barbara Schneider, Wendy Strachan, Kathy Voltan, Sharron Wall, Nanci White.

Doug Brent served as chair.

1. The group approved the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of May 2000.

2. Kenna Manos presented the Treasurer's Report:


Balance from May 15, 2000 $2349.85
Reimbursement for Inkshed 2000 startup costs (SFU) 600.00
Annual subscriptions to May 10 340.50

Total 3290.35


None (Inkshed 2000 paid our usual expenses for graduate students/unemployed/underemployed to attend last year's conference out of its own operating surplus)

BALANCE: $3290.35

The group discussed ways to make the best use of this considerable surplus for encouraging graduate students and the unemployed, underemployed, and retired to attend Inkshed conferences. The organizers of Inkshed 19 noted that they had received $1,000 from the organizers of Inkshed 18 to subsidize participants this year. After discussion about ways of apportioning subsidies, Kenna Manos moved, seconded by Jo-Anne André, that the Association allocate up to $2500 for travel subsidies for Inkshed 19. In further discussion, the group agreed that in order to attract people needing such subsidies, the call for papers should indicate that the Association would attempt to support some portion of the travel costs for graduate students and unemployed, underemployed and retired members as resources allow.

3. Five new board members were unanimously elected to replace those whose terms expire in 2001: Geoff Cragg, Victoria Littman, Brock MacDonald, Linda Meggs, and Wendy Strachan.

4. Jo-Anne André and Barbara Schneider, who have produced the Inkshed newsletter for two years, called for new editors to take it over. They noted that the University of Calgary had paid the cost of mailing, about $60 for postage per mailing plus printing and secretarial time. Some members suggested that it was time to put the newsletter completely online except for those who requested it in hard copy. There was general agreement that the next editors could decide whether to take this step.

Jane Milton and Kenna Manos volunteered to take over as editors, with Russ Hunt handling mailing costs through St. Thomas University. Geoff Cragg moved to accept the offer of these editors, seconded by Kathy Voltan. The present editors will send them the mailing list for culling and updating. A round of applause thanked Jo-Anne André and Barbara Schneider for their two years' work as editors.

4.5 The group read and discussed a letter dated 10 May 2001 sent by Pat Sadowy and Stan Straw, managing co-editors of Inkshed Publications Initiative. Pat and Stan stated that the bank balance for IPI as of March 31, 2001 was $4,563.49, and that the five books published so far (all before 1996) continued to sell regularly though slowly, bringing in further income. They pointed out that the bank balance was enough to publish a further "slim volume," but that neither of them, nor Sandy Baardman nor Laura Atkinson, could at present put time into the work this would require. They requested that the members consider the possibility of moving the Inkshed Publications Initiative to another location, with new editors and a new liaison with another press. The new editors could then decide which, if any, of the currently received projects would proceed to publication. A further alternative would be to delay the idea of publishing anything for a further 18 to 24 months, when Pat and Stan would consider taking up the work again.

After discussion of possible new projects and new liaisons with other presses, Amanda Goldrick-Jones moved, seconded by Brock MacDonald, that the CASLL board issue a call for another editorial team to produce proposals for the board about the future of Inkshed Publications.

5. Linda Meggs of the University of Prince Edward Island offered to organize the Inkshed 19 conference in 2002, with help from other CASLL members in the Maritime provinces. Doug Brent moved grateful acceptance of this offer, seconded by Susan Drain.

After discussion, the group agreed on a conference theme of "Literacy, Technology, and Pedagogy." Members discussed the possibility of obtaining help from within UPEI and from a three-university Maritimes consortium on Instructional Technology.

6. Before adjourning, the meeting offered an enthusiastic vote of thanks to the organizers of the Inkshed 18 conference.

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