Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Inkshed 20: 11 May 2003, Orangeville, Ontario

Present: Marcy Bauman, Mary-Louise Craven, Susan Drain, Valentyna Galadza, Jennifer Gilbert, Sarah Goodyear, Anne Hungerford, Russ Hunt, Nan Johnson, Deborah Knott, Rosana Hilbig, Kenna Manos, W. Brock MacDonald, Margaret Procter, J. Barbara Rose, Leslie Sanders, Carolyn Steele, Julie-Ann Stodolny, Stan Straw, Karen Smith, Tosh Tachino, Kathy Voltan, Yaying Zhang

Regrets: Patricia Golubev, Victoria Littman, Shurli Makmillen, Tania Smith

Brock MacDonald served as chair.

1.  The group approved the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of May 2002.

2.  Kenna Manos presented the Treasurer’s Report:

dues paid at Inkshed 19 or later
reimbursement from Inkshed 18 startup costs
Inkshed 20 startup costs (deposit)
Travel grants to graduate students for Inkshed 19
ACCUMULATED BALANCE as of May 8, 2003 
a) The Treasurer’s Report was approved (moved by Susan Drain, seconded by Anne Hungerford). Margaret Procter noted that most of the deposit paid for the Inkshed 20 venue would likely be refunded, meaning that the balance would rise by almost $4,000.

b) Discussion focussed on ways to use this balance to support the attendance at conferences of graduate students and the underemployed. Leslie Sanders moved (seconded by Susan Drain) that CASLL should announce as part of the next conference call that grants of up to $500 would be available to graduate students and the underemployed. Applicants would be asked to apply to their own institutions first. An amount of $2500 should be set aside for such grants for Inkshed 20, and $3500 should be set aside for Inkshed 21. This motion passed. Eligible participants from Inkshed 20 were asked to apply to Kenna Manos by June 15, supplying relevant documentation from their own institutions as well as travel and accommodation receipts.

c)  Nan Johnson asked about support for the expenses of archiving the “wall project” begun at Inkshed 20, which records topics, people, and activities that characterized each of the previous conferences on a series of wall posters. Sharron Wall volunteered to undertake this archiving at McGill University. Marcy Baumann moved (seconded by Susan Drain) that CASLL send $500 to Sharron Wall to cover the costs of this archiving.

d) Conference participants expressed thanks for the sponsorship of York University and the University of Toronto, especially Woodsworth College. Those institutions contributed computer and projection equipment, paper and other supplies for the conference sessions, and champagne and wine for the banquet.

3. Stan Straw delivered the report of Inkshed Publications. He stated that the bank balance was currently $5069.34, and that previously published books continued to be sold, mainly to libraries. He noted that this balance was enough to put out another book, and indicated that people from Manitoba were now able to put out a call for manuscripts and create a review board if desired. He also suggested that with about 200 to 500 copies of each of the previous five books, it would be possible to package up copies of each one and sell them as sets. There was general agreement that this would be a good marketing strategy. Mary-Louise Craven (seconded by Kenna Manos) moved a vote of thanks to Stan and other Manitoba members for administering Inkshed Publications, and especially for volunteering to put out another call.

4. Russ Hunt reported that all the Inkshed online material was mounted on the St. Thomas University server, and suggested that in the light of his eventual retirement from that university, CASLL should plan for a move. He also suggested that we obtain a domain name of our own, a  small cost on top of the costs for transfer and archiving. Various options were raised for subsidizing these costs. Kenna Manos moved (seconded by Tosh Tachino) that Russ Hunt and Marcy Bauman should investigate the costs and process of moving the website and of archiving CASLL material. Leslie Sanders also volunteered to investigate the possibility of finding a Research Assistant at York University to help with the archiving.

5. CASLL members from University College of the Cariboo offered to hold Inkshed 21 next year in Kamloops BC. After some discussion, the topic was given preliminary wording as “Desiring the Word: Students, Teachers, and Institutions.” This is meant to suggest the core question of who our students are and what they want and need, especially their new literacies and material circumstances, and including  a focus on issues of transfer between different types of postsecondary institutions. Margaret Procter moved (seconded by Tosh Tachino) that this topic be accepted.

6. Before adjourning, participants offered thanks to the organizers of the Inkshed 20 conference.