From the Editor's Notepad

Greetings Inkshedders. This issue comes to you just in time to wish you Happy Holidays and joy in whatever you might be celebrating. For some of us, this semester brought new challenges in the form of Hurricane Juan on the East Coast and raging forest fires in the West. Despite some delays, Inkshed remains intact as is evidenced by this newsletter and the call for proposals for Inkshed 21 which originated in the East and West, respectively.

This issue brings you another "conversation," on the topic of plagiarism, in the submissions from Theresa Hyland and Russ Hunt. Coincidentally (?), both borrow the same Speed Bump cartoon to illustrate the new wave of punishment inherent in the growing seek and destroy plagiarism policies on campuses. You will also find an explanation of the "rhetoric of civic participation" and a wonderful example of the potency of Tosh Tachino as he acted on what he has learned from this particular field of academia. I wish I could have seen the faces in the consulate. There is also a review of the last Inkshed conference from Mary-Louise Craven and the call for proposals for Inkshed 21 from the folks at Cariboo. And, finally, you'll find an essay on developing creativity in the writer from Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, which provides me with a segue to announce a special section of the next issue of Inkshed dedicated to poetry and fiction. I have received several submissions and have heard some wonderful pieces during the Annual Talent Night, and hope to persuade you to submit any poetic or fictional pieces that loosely -- or not so loosely -- tie in to the topics of writing, reading, learning, or other concern of Inkshed. Look for a posting on the listserve in the New Year.

I'm hoping the contents of this issue will inspire further additions to the ongoing Inkshed conversations. If you feel tempted to add your thoughts, please send them for inclusion in the next issue. Your thoughts on new topics are also welcome.

With warm wishes for a very happy 2004,

Jane Milton

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