Volume 21, Number 3, Autumn 2004

About Inkshed

This newsletter of the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning (CASLL) provides a forum for its subscribers to explore relationships among research, theory, and practice in language acquisition and language use, particularly in the Canadian context. CASLL membership runs from January 1 to December 31 and includes a subscription to Inkshed. To subscribe, send a cheque, made out to "Inkshed at NSCAD," for $20 [$10 for students and the un(der)employed] to the following address:

Kenna Manos,
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,
5163 Duke Street,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3J6

Subscribers are invited to submit items of interest related to the theory and practice of reading and writing. CASLL also has a website—www.stu.ca/~hunt/casll.htm—maintained by Russ Hunt.



Please submit newsletter contributions (preferably via email in APA format) to the editors:

Heather Graves
Department of English
DePaul University
802 W. Belden Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
Roger Graves
Department of English
DePaul University
802 W. Belden Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Inkshed editors and editorial consultants, past and present, include the following:

Jo-Anne André, University of Calgary Mary Kooy, University of Toronto
Phyllis Artiss, Memorial University Kenna Manos, Nova Scotia College of Art
Laura Atkinson, Manitoba Teachers' Association Jane Milton, Nova Scotia College of Art
Sandy Baardman, University of Manitoba Margaret Procter, University of Toronto
Marcy Bauman, University of Michigan Jim Reither, St. Thomas University
Doug Brent, University of Calgary Pat Sadowy, University of Winnipeg
Richard M. Coe, Simon Fraser University

Leslie Sanders, York University

Mary-Louise Craven, York University Barbara Schneider, University of Calgary
Susan Drain, Mount Saint Vincent University Judy Segal, University of British Columbia
Russ Hunt, St. Thomas University Graham Smart, Carleton University



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