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As Student and Residence Affairs Coordinator, I would like to welcome you to our residence community. While this may be your first experience living away from home, or your first time sharing a room with a roommate, residence life will be a new and exciting experience for you. A new experience can always be a little scary at first, and therefore I suggest you meet as many people as you can; ask your proctors questions regarding anything you do not understand; explore all areas of your residence; and visit friends in other residences. Remember this will be your home away from home for most of this year. Get to know what is out there!

This handbook is designed to clearly define rules and regulations as well as to list services and resources available to you.

You will even find tips related to laundry and successful resident hall living. Please read this guide completely and thoroughly as you are responsible for following all guidelines and policies contained within. This guide should also be kept for future reference.

In closing I invite you to visit me at the Student Affairs Office or call 452-0616 with any concerns that you have and I will be glad to help you in any way in which I may. Have a wonderful year.

Gayle Churchill,
Student & Residence Affairs Coordinator

Here at St. Thomas University Residence Life is maintained under the umbrella of Student Affairs. The Student Affairs Office is located on the second floor of the Welcome/Admissions Building.

The office staff over sees the operation and management of the Residence Community. Each person plays a large role in making your stay at St. Thomas University rewarding.

Student Affairs Office
Jane McGinn-Giberson, Director of Student Affairs
Gayle Churchill, Student & Residence Affairs Coordinator
Sarah Calhoun, Office Coordinator
Shauna Stennick, Advising Coordinator
Allison Belyea-Geddes, Student Advisor
Ryan Conway, Student Advisor
Judy Coates, International Student Advisor
Susan Sears, Administrative Assistant

The office is open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. You are welcome to drop in with questions or concerns. We can also be reached by:

Telephone (506) 452-0616
Fax: (506) 460-0319

Residence Life Staff (Live-in)
In addition to our central office staff, we employ a number of live-in staff members who play a crucial part in our Residence Community. They include:

Student & Residence Affairs Coordinator
Our Student & Residence Affairs Coordinator, Gayle Churchill presently resides in Rigby Hall. She supervises the management of the entire residence community. The overall responsibility of the Residence Life Manager is to ensure a positive learning living environment is maintained with a high degree of respect for all residents.

Residence Coordinators
In each residence, a Residence Coordinator (RC) is appointed. The RC is a senior student who lives in residence and works closely with the Student Affairs Office. Essentially, the RC is responsible for the quality of residence life through the day to day operation of the residences. Their job includes supervising the Proctors, handling regular disciplinary matters, planning educational programming for the residents and being available for emergency situations.

The Residence Coordinators for 2004-2005 are:

Harrington Hall: Steve Travis, Room 234
Holy Cross House: Catherine Tupper, Room 124
Chatham Hall: Cody MacDonald, Room 350
Rigby Hall: Amanda Fahie, Room 117
Vanier Hall: Genna Murphy, Room 244

The Residence Coordinator for the Windsor Street properties is Tarah Henderson. Tarah’s role is to be a resource person for the residents of the Windsor Street properties. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, check in/out, as well as reporting repairs/concerns etc, to the appropriate University Departments.

Each residence hall has a team of Proctors. The Proctors are all students. The role of the Proctor is that of a community leader. Their responsibilities reach beyond their individual wings and Houses to the entire residence community. Through Welcome Week activities, social events, residence discipline, and other programs, the proctors ensure that all residents get to know each other and turn those strangers next door into friends. They provide guidance to the residents in academic matters as well as any personal problems that may arise.

Proctors take part in extensive training programmes before residence opens. They are trained in First Aid, CPR, conflict resolution, stress management, and crisis intervention. They may not have all the answers but they are also aware of other resources available so they can point you in the right direction if you need assistance. Proctors can be trusted to be confidential and discreet in all situations.

These Proctors have all lived in residence before and have experienced first-hand what it is like to be living away from home for the first time. Each day in residence there is a Proctor on duty. He/she does regular walks through the house to meet with students and is proactive regarding potential noise and other disruptions. You will find a schedule of Proctors on duty and a list of their rooms and phone numbers posted in your wing. Please see the Proctor on duty when you require assistance.

Occasionally your Proctor will schedule a wing meeting to provide you with any necessary information and to also allow you an opportunity to give your feedback on residence issues.

The Proctors for 2004-2005 are:

Harrington Hall
Bridget Bent, Chad Bolton, Laura Glynn, Jeffrey Prosser, Clayton Beaton and Corey Steeves

Holy Cross House
Carley Adair, Justin Belliveau and Julia Shawn

Chatham Hall
Kelly Jo Davidson, Shantel Kelly, Tiffany Robertson, Gavin Rolland and Gregory Tubb

Rigby Hall
Melissa Dube, Tina Northup, Adam Robertson, Michael Rundle, George Steeves and Cory Flynn

Vanier Hall
Kristin Cluff, Laura Kennedy, Valerie Kent, Sarah Murray, Anna Tripp and Moncia O’Donnell

Applying for Proctorship
Applications are normally called in late January or February. Students must meet particular academic criteria as well as demonstrated leadership qualities to be considered in the application process. Further details outlined in the application package.