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“Welcome to residence at St. Thomas University!!

We try to make residence a place where everyone can live and learn successfully. This Residence Agreement is here to set out what each of us can expect of each other over the next school year. By reading this carefully and signing it, you let us know that you are willing to accept the conditions that come with living in a St. Thomas residence.

This is an agreement between you (the “student”) and St. Thomas University (the “University”).
__________________________, ________________
(Student Name)                         (Student Number)

Read this agreement and make sure that you understand it. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call Student Affairs, St. Thomas University. We want everyone to arrive knowing what is expected of them as residents of our campus. These are the terms by which you agree to accept a place in our Residence Community.

Students entering the St. Thomas Residence Community are required to remain in residence for the entire academic year and are subject to the provisions outlined in this Agreement and as specifically outlined below:

Out of Province Students Only:
Sunday, September 5th , 2004 (9:00 a.m. or later)
All New Brunswick Students:
Monday, September 6th , 2004 (9:00 a.m. or later)

24 hours after resident's last exam in December 2004.

Sunday, January 2nd , 2005 (9:00 a.m. or later).

24 hours after resident's last exam in April 2005.
(Residence officially closes on April 21st ,2005.)

We are unable to accommodate students before/after dates noted above.

I agree to remain in residence throughout the school year, as defined by the dates above. I have read and understood the terms and conditions on the other side of this page, and I understand that I am accepting a place in residence under those terms and conditions.

NAME (Please Print):______________________________________
SIGNATURE:____________________ DATE: _____________
WITNESS (Please Print): _________________________________
SIGNATURE:______________________ DATE: _____________


1. You agree to pay the University, by the deadlines and on the terms established by University, the appropriate residence rate, including meal costs, deposits and securities, house dues, and other fees as set by the University.

2. The University will not supply bedding. You should bring sheets, pillows and blankets of your own.

3. Your room will be furnished with a bed, closet space, a dresser, a desk, chair and a lamp. You may add additional furniture like a bar fridge, microwave, TV, VCR/DVD, stereo or computer. However, all furnishings must meet our requirements for safety, size, noise and consideration of your roommate, if you have one. University furniture is never to be removed from the room.

4. You can decorate your residence room to your taste, but you cannot make any permanent changes (like painting the room or changing fixtures). When decorating the room you will be held responsible for any damage that you do to the room.

5. All residence students must purchase a meal plan. You will receive a meal card upon payment of your fees. The meal card is yours and cannot be sold, loaned or given to anyone else. If you lose the card, the University will replace it at a cost.

6. Meal plan amounts are not refundable for the Basic (Plan 1) amount. The Expanded meal plans (Plan 2 & 3) amounts are only refundable to a limit of 80% of the difference between the plan purchased (Plan 2 or 3) and the most basic plan (Plan 1).

7. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 to remain in residence. If your GPA is below this level after the first semester, you will be strongly encouraged to sign up for academic assistance and/or tutoring. Students failing to meet the minimum GPA requirement can only be re-admitted by special permission .

8. When you sign this agreement and accept a residence placement, you are committing to remain in that room for the whole academic year. You are financially responsible to pay both room and board for all eight months. You may not rent the room out to anyone else. If you leave early for any reason, including expulsion for disciplinary or safety reasons, you will be charged the full amount. The Director of Student Affairs may, for medical or compassionate grounds, grant permission for you to leave early, but you must talk to the Director beforehand.

9. In order to accommodate everyone, we may move residents from time to time, or assign you a different room and/or roommate if you are alone in a double room. Moves are made at the discretion of the Student and Residence Affairs Coordinator.

10. There are rules that govern the residence, and all residents must agree to abide by them. Most rules are contained in the Residence Handbook and the University Calendar, and they may be amended from time to time. Students are also expected to obey the laws of Canada and New Brunswick at all times on campus. Ultimately, all residents are expected to act in a manner consistent with a residence community based upon respect, tolerance and a safe and appropriate learning environment, and the University may take any action or make any rule aimed at furthering that goal.

11. All residents are expected to be respectful of Residence Life and University staff, and to follow their instructions. Residents accept that, as part of the rules of residence, they may be subject to discipline for breaches of the rules. This discipline may include fines, probationary periods, restrictions, community service and/or other alternative sanctions prescribed by the Student and Residence Affairs Coordinator.

12. If you invite guests into the residence, you’re responsible for making sure they obey the rules and respect other residents.

13. The rules are meant to facilitate a good residence experience for everyone, not obstruct it. You are always encouraged to discuss problems and disagreements with Student Affairs staff, and bring any problems to their attention.