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How to Contact University Offices

St. Thomas is committed to helping students reach both their educational and personal goals. There are a number of services that are available to help you meet the challenge of university life. We encourage students to make full use of these services. The main University phone number is (506) 452-0640.

Admissions Office 452-0532
Aquinian 452-0300
Athletics Office 452-0539
Fitness Centre 452-0315
Bank of Montreal
  Campus Branch 453-0260
Business (Registrar’s) Office 452 0530
Campus Bookstore 453-4664
Campus Ministry 452-0636
Computer Labs
  JD202/ECG2 452-0635
  BMH 452-0639
CHIMO Help Line 450-4357
Counselling Services 453-4820
Class Cancellation Line 452-0640
Financial Services 452-0534
Food Services, Aramark 460-0310
Fredericton Transit 458-9522
Harriet Irving Library 453-4742
Health Services 453-4837
Hospital (D.E.C.H.) 452-5400
Ombudsman 451-1712
Physio Clinic, 457-7151
President's Office 452-0537
Registrar's (Business) Office 452-0530
Safe Wheels 460-0301
Security Campus 453-4830
Security - Provincial 472-7233
Student Advocate 460-0307
Student Affairs Office 452-0616
Student Help Centre, JDH 452-0405
Student Loans 452-0534
Student Union Office 460-0301

Fax Numbers
Main Fax (EC18) 450-9615
Admissions Office (MH2) 452-0617
Athletics Office 452-0547
Education (BMH314) 452-0611
Financial Ser. (MH106) 460-0546
President’s Office (MH1) 452-0633
Registrar/Business(MH2) 460-0333
Student Affairs (JD106) 460-0319

The details of your experience at university cannot be discussed except as outlined in the section on Confidentiality of Student Records.