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Bank of Montreal (Campus Branch), 22 Dineen Drive, 453 0260
Campus branch offers limited services. Mon - Fri 10:00 am - 4:30 pm. ATM machines located at the branch and Sir James Dunn Hall.

The City of Fredericton offers a city transit service. Schedules are available at the Help Desk in James Dunn Hall or by calling 460-2200.

Each residence room provides access to cable television. Connector cables are provided by the University. Report any problems with your cable to your Proctor.

There are three outlets for dining on the St. Thomas campus. If you have any special dietary needs, please speak with the Food Service Director to discuss suitable alternatives to the regular menu.

George Martin Dining Hall and Forest Hill Dining Hall provides food service in a "market-style" area with several different stations. Centre Stage offers full meals, and Grille Works is a fast food area. Deli Corner serves freshly made sandwiches and Nature's Finest is for salad devotees. Other stations also offer a large variety of items. Vegetarian dishes are available at each station. Hours of operation are:

George Martin Dining Hall
Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 10:30 pm (Friday closed at 6:30 pm)
Sat-Sun 10:30 am - 6:30 pm (Sunday open until 10:30 pm)

Forest Hill Dining Hall
Mon- Fri 8:00 am - 7:30 pm(Friday 8:00 am - 6:30 pm) Sat - Sun 10:30 am - 6:30 pm (Sunday open until 7:30 pm)

Sir James Dunn Cafeteria offers fresh, made to order subs, salads and snack foods. Tim Hortons® coffee and selected foods. 7(Tim Hortons® is a registered trademark). Hours of operation are:
Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 7:00 pm (Friday closes at 3:00 pm)
Sat-Sun Closed

You will have several opportunities throughout the year to comment on the food service. Two residence surveys are conducted in the year. In addition, the Food Service Director will visit with your entire house each semester. Also, on each House Committee, there is a Food Representative who has monthly meetings with the Food Service Director. During these meetings ideas, concerns and comments are exchanged in an effort to enhance the services being provided. To ensure your concerns are heard, please contact your Food Representative. The Food Service Director and staff strive to meet the needs of all St. Thomas Students. If at any time you are not satisfied with your meal or the service received, feel free to contact the Food Service Director at your convenience. The office is located at the left rear side of Martin Dining Hall or by calling 460-0310.

Meal Plans
Aramark Campus Services is pleased to introduce to you a food service which provides variety, flexibility, security, and convenience to our students. There are 3 meal plans for residence students (prices included in overall residence fees).

Meal plans, using the student ID card work on the debit system. The meal plan payment is set up in an account just for the student. Every time he/ she eats at one of the cafeterias, the card is scanned at the cash register and the food purchase will be deducted from his/her account.

The ScanPlus* system offers great flexibility in managing a student's meal plan. Initially, residence students will be given a monthly maximum spending limit. Weekly account statements can be sent upon request to keep students informed of their balance. This budgeting plan will ensure that students have enough money in their meal plan to last the entire academic year.

If You Lose Your Student ID
If your ID is lost, students MUST report the loss to the Food Services Office in George Martin Hall. The lost ID will be deactivated and the student will be given a temporary meal card until s/he gets a new student ID. The temporary card is only valid for five days.

Dining Room Rules and Conduct
1. Trays, dishes or cutlery are not to be removed from the Dining Room. The loss of china and cutlery increases your costs, inconvenience, and the use of Styrofoam dishes. Additionally the accumulation of dirty dishes in residence is not desirable.
2. You and your guest must be fully dressed including a shirt and shoes in order to be served in the dining room.
3. If you or your guest appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may not be served and may be asked to leave the dining room.
4. Inappropriate behaviour by you or your guest(s) in the dining room may be referred to the Student Affairs Office.
5. People who are not residents pay the retail prices plus taxes in all the St. Thomas cafeterias.

The Campus Ministry Office is located in Room 101 of George Martin Hall. Rev. Father John Keoughan and Janice Ryan are available to assist students with areas of spiritual, social and academic concern. Campus Ministry also offers the opportunity to become involved in retreats, workshops, and volunteer groups. If you need to talk, or are interested in becoming involved, call 452-0636.

St. Thomas has student computer labs located in
Sir James Dunn, (JD) 2nd floor - four general labs
Brian Mulroney Hall (BMH) Room 312 -multimedia lab
Room 313 - general lab

All of these lab computers are equipped with Internet connections and Corel Word Perfect Suite. Upon registration, each student receives $5.00 of free print credit. More print credit can be purchased as needed. For instructions on how to claim your computer account and email, visit the Help Desk at the James Dunn Lab. The primary lab hours are 8am-11pm Monday-Thursday. Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm, Sunday 12pm-11pm. Holiday hours will vary. For more information on the labs please call the IT Help Desk on 452-0635.

The Counselling Services Office is located in Room 19, of the Alumni Memorial Building, UNB campus. It is available free of charge to all full-time and part-time students. Individual and group counselling is available, along with a number of support groups. Career counselling workshops are also available. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 453-4820 for an appointment or more information. Emergency services are available on a 24 hour basis by calling the Chimo Help line at 450-4357. The staff of Counselling Services and Chimo are friendly and accessible and all services are confidential. Referrals are also available through STU Student Affairs.

If you will be missing several days of classes due to illness or family emergency please notify the Registrar's Office. If, for some reason you are unable to do this personally, give the message to your Proctor and he/she will pass it along for you.

Should you be unable to eat in the cafeteria during your illness, give your ID card to a friend or your Proctor so that meals may be packaged and brought to your room. Please notify your Proctor if you will be recuperating at home for any period of time.

The J. B. O'Keefe Fitness Centre is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that opened on the St. Thomas University Campus in 1999. The fitness complex houses a cardiovascular and weight room area, a squash/racquetball court, gymnasium, locker rooms and the St. Thomas Athletics offices. Student membership to the Fitness Centre is FREE with the presentation of a VALID St. Thomas ID card. For more information, please call 460-0315.
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Thurs 6:30 am - 10 pm
Friday 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 6 pm
Sunday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm


Student Health Centre
A medical clinic for full-time St. Thomas and UNB students is located at the end of Tibbits Hall on the UNB campus. You should phone for an appointment before you go down to the clinic, but if an emergency arises you may drop in without an appointment. Remember to bring your student ID and MEDICARE cards. Appointments may be made by phone at 453-4837. Clinic hours are:
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
(no doctor on duty between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm)
Weekends / Holidays: Closed
(a doctor is on call and can be reached by calling 453-4837)

You are encouraged to seek medical help during these hours, but for after hour emergencies the clinic’s phone Message Manager will give instructions regarding procedures. There are on-call Doctors available after hours. To contact them you will need to phone the clinic and follow the directions outlined by the Message Manager.

Other Health Centres
If you prefer to seek medical assistance elsewhere, there is a walk-in clinic at the Regent Street Medical Centre not far from campus as well as the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, a full service regional hospital. Again do not forget your Medicare Card. If outpatient emergency hospital services are required please notify the Proctor on duty before you go. A residence staff member can accompany you if you would like. Hospital services are to be used for extreme emergencies only. Again, don't forget your Medicare Card.

Student Health Plan
As part of your tuition you will receive coverage under the St. Thomas Student Health Plan provided by Blue Cross. It is expected that the terms of coverage will be similar as in past years, but exact details are not known at this time. Details of coverage will be available from the Registrar’s Office or by calling 452-0530.

Generally, prescription drugs and EMERGENCY dental work (required due to an accident) is covered by the plan. If in the event you are covered under another plan this plan may be used to complement areas not covered under the other plan.

The transition to university life for international students may sometimes have particular challenges. The International Student Advisor may be reached by calling Student Affairs at 452-0616.

Each resident’s desk has a connection to high speed internet. This service is available from September - April by Aliant Telecom. To access the Aliant help desk please have your STU username and password available before you call 1-866-588-5956. The cost for this service is included in your residence fees.

Insurance to cover contents of a residence room is many times included in your parent’s Home Owners Insurance Policy. We encourage you to check your policy regarding contents status.

Each residence has laundry facilities available. Only residence students are allowed to use these facilities.

Your mail will be placed in your assigned mailbox. Rigby Hall residents will have mail delivered to their room. If a parcel has arrived, you will receive a notice which has to be presented in person to University Services, EC18 to retrieve the package.

Parking passes are available at the Business Office located on the ground floor of George Martin Hall.

Campus Police
Campus Police are dedicated students who are committed to maintaining order and security at campus events, such as hockey games and pubs. They are trained to handle conflicts and difficult situations. Campus Police Force members are hired by the Student Union Applications Committee in early September.

Provincial Security
Provincial Security, a private company retained by the University, services the Forest Hill Property. An officer is present from 10:00 pm - 6:00 am daily to complete interior and exterior patrols and assist proctors in difficult situations. Provincial Security can be reached at 472-7233.

Campus Security is a shared service with the University of New Brunswick. Campus Security Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day and are dedicated to maintaining order on campus at all times. Campus Security can be reached at 453-4830.


House Committees
In the Spring, each residence elects a House Committee to serve the House in the next academic year. The committees typically consist of a president, two vice-presidents, a treasurer, secretary, sports, food and social representatives. They work together with the Residence Life Staff to promote house spirit, organize house activities, and also represent residents to the larger University community. Each wing/floor of the residence also elects or appoints a delegate to represent the wing on the committee. The committees are elected to serve you. Please let them know how they are doing and offer suggestions for new or different activities and services they could offer.

The house fee that you pay on arrival ($40.00) goes directly to the House Committee to support their endeavors. Fund raisers are also held throughout the year to support the many house events. Such events are only as successful as the support received from the residents. So get out and support your house and residence community! Presidents are:
Harrington Hall: Jason McAllister
Holy Cross House: Lisa Michaud
Chatham Hall: Brydon Mombourquette
Rigby Hall: Alana Stewart
Vanier Hall: Dawn Billard

Students’ Union
"The St. Thomas Students' Union strives to maintain and enhance the community of academic excellence, personal integrity, and mutual respect that is St. Thomas University." The Union is in place for you - the students of St. Thomas. Each Spring, elections are held to determine who will serve on the Executive and the Students' Representative Council (SRC). The members of the executive this year are:
President - Shawn Stevenson
Vice-President Administration - Steven Brosha
Vice-President Student Services - Hayley Tomlinson
Vice-President External - Sofia Rodriguez

Each house committee has its own VP External. This person represents your house on the Students' Representative Council. They are:
Harrington Hall: Corey Blenkhorn
Holy Cross House: Kyle Peters
Chatham Hall: Matt Garnett
Rigby Hall: Ryan Walsh
Vanier Hall: Kristen Eldon

We look forward to meeting you and we wish you the best as you embark upon your university career. Feel free to contact us at the Student Union Offices located in the SUB Room 120 or by calling 460-0301. If any of you are interested in getting involved, fall elections are also held to fill various positions. At that time, first-year students can vote for two First Year Liaisons who represent their concerns on the SRC. Also, there will be an election for two Student Senators and two Board of Governors representatives.

Student loans are processed at the Business Office in George Martin Hall. Depending upon the province from which you have applied, your loan papers are either mailed directly to your home address, or to the University. After determining the location of your loan certificate, the first step in processing your loan is to present yourself, and if you have your certificate, to the business office for processing.

Many students experience problems surrounding student loans. To help alleviate these concerns contact with appropriate provincial and federal agencies can be made by using the Internet. These addresses can be found in the loan guide book which should be kept for further reference. If you continue to experience difficulty with your student loan please do not hesitate to contact Gayle Churchill, Student and Residence Affairs Coordinator at 452-0616 to make an appointment.

The Student Union Building (SUB), completed in January 1969, is the result of student-administration cooperation. The cost was shared among the students of the University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, and the former Teachers’ College, with the University of New Brunswick matching the student contribution. The SUB houses the offices of several student groups and organizations. Both the St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick student newspaper offices, the yearbook office, the New Brunswick Student Alliance, as well as CHSR-FM, the student radio station and the student union offices are located in the office wing. In the main part of the building there are several meeting rooms, a lounge area, a large cafeteria, The Cellar, the College Hill Social Club, the ballroom and the main administrative office for the SUB. For the convenience of the students there are also several retail outlets such as clothing store, a hair styling salon, a travel office, a sundry shop and a jewellery store.

The Student Union Building is governed by a Board made up of UNB and STU students and members of the Board of Governors of UNB who strive to provide the services and atmosphere which will make student life enjoyable.

Each residence room is equipped with a telephone. Arrangements for long distance usage must be made by the student (calling cards, call-me cards, etc.)

At the time of publication, your Students’ Union, in cooperation with the St. Thomas Administration and the City of Fredericton, is finalizing negotiations for a Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) for the upcoming school year. There will be major service and routing changes to the transit system that will directly serve the needs of St. Thomas Students. These changes will go into effect on September 13, 2004.

As a result of this agreement, every full-time student will be charged an additional $60.00 for the $80.00 U-Pass, making the overall Students’ Union fee $185.00 for all full-time students. To help cover the costs, St. Thomas University will contribute the remaining $20.00 for every full-time student enrolled in the 2004-2005 academic year. Part-time students will still be charged a Students’ Union fee of $33.00

For your convenience, drink and snack vending machines are centrally located in each residence.