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December 12, 2003

Research funding for STU

St. Thomas University will be one of the lead universities of a new research centre in Atlantic Canada which will receive more than $1 million in federal funding over the next three years which has been established to study immigration and diversity issues.

"This new research centre is significant because it increases the quality of life of people in the region when diverse groups live here," said Dr. Rosemary Clews, Assistant to the Vice President Academic, Responsible for Research and Faculty Development. "Immigrants are also needed for economic sustainability in the region. Research conducted in the Atlantic Metropolis Centre will provide a sound basis for policy about immigration."

Dr. Clews is the lead contact for the Centre, Dr. Michael McGowan is the lead in Human Rights and Social Justice and Dr. Heather Richmond is the lead in Education at St. Thomas University.

The Atlantic Metropolis Centre will stimulate, promote and support productive partnerships among academic, government and non-governmental organizations in pursuing policy-relevant research agendas related to immigration, population migrations and cultural diversity. It will build linkages with the existing Metropolis centres in Montréal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.

It was created following extensive consultations in the Atlantic region over the past three years.

The Centre will pursue research agendas identified as distinctive to the region in both official languages. The twin administrative sites in Moncton and Halifax, and the large concentrations of the Acadian French-speaking population in the Atlantic region will stimulate interaction between these communities, as well as among the diverse language communities of its immigrant population.

The Atlantic Centre will have two administrative nodes, one in Halifax and the other in Moncton; four lead universities (Dalhousie, Saint Mary's, the Université de Moncton and St. Thomas University); and a distributed model of operation that will facilitate participation by universities, non-governmental organizations and government workers from across the region.

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