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Formal Procedures

The following steps should be followed in the event of a formal complaint:

(1) The complaint is to be lodged with the Advisor(s), who will inform the Hearing Committee. A copy of the Advisor(s) report shall be sent to the President as notification of what procedures have been initiated.

(2) Within five working days of the receipt of the Advisor's report, the Hearing Committee shall inform both parties, in writing, of the receipt of the complaint, provide each with a copy of the Advisor's report, and invite a written response from the respondent within ten working days. The complainant shall have the opportunity to read this response and to deliver a written reply within five working days of its receipt.

(3) As soon as possible upon receipt of the documents in (2) above, the Hearing Committee shall undertake its review. The review shall include a full and fair hearing, which shall take place no longer than five working days after receipt of the documents and be completed within ten working days. During the hearing, the Committee will receive all relevant information, interview the complainant, the respondent and, if required, any witnesses, but not act in an investigative capacity. The complainant and the respondent may each be accompanied by a person of her or his choice (a friend, family member or member of her or his constituency) at the hearing and this person may speak on his or her behalf. The Sexual Harassment Advisors shall attend the formal hearing and shall be available to answer questions on his/her report.

(4) The Hearing Committee will proceed with a hearing, even when a respondent refuses to attend. This absence will be noted, along with the findings of the Hearing Committee, in the report to the President in (6).

(5) Following the hearing, the members of the Hearing Committee shall meet and attempt to arrive at a consensus as to the most effective means of resolving the complaint.

(6) Within ten working days of the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Committee shall submit a report to the President, with copies to the Advisors. The report shall reflect a consensus or majority and minority points of view, points of agreement and of disagreement among members of the Committee on such questions as the validity of the complaint, the degree of seriousness of the complaint, the compliance with the principles and procedures set out in the policy by both parties, and the recommendation for action. This recommendation may range from complete exoneration of the respondent to disciplinary action (including warnings, requests for letters of apology, restrictions on particular activities or on contacts with particular individuals, dismissal or expulsion).

(7) Within ten working days of the receipt of the report of the Hearing Committee, the President shall make a decision and shall advise the Advisors, the complainant and the respondent. In all cases, the President should decide on a course of action; the President's decision shall be written and shall state all the reasons for the action(s) taken.

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