Communication is vital to most jobs. One must be able listen to others but at the same time develop one's own ideas, and communicate them well enough to have them taken seriously.

Up to this point I have discovered that the program helps you communicate with others more effectively and brings out comments in you which you never really knew existed. It provides a comfortable learning atmosphere which really gets you to think and cooperate with others.

From studying the "liberal arts"; we were told that we would gain valuable working skills, like being able to better organize our thoughts and gaining the ability to write and speak effectively . . . these skills will be very useful in any type of employment. This holds true about the computer skills and having to work in groups. These we've worked on daily and I feel the people whom hadn't mastered "the arts" before we arrived to begin Aquinas, they are well on their ways now!!

Another thing that I learned to do was to work in a group. I have been able to stand up for my ideas and make myself be heard. I feel as if I pull my own weight and I do not let anyone take over because then I feel useless. In the beginning the idea of group work really scared me. I did not know the people and there always seemed to be one person in the group who seemed to dominate. I felt useless because I was afraid to speak up for myself. That is not the case any longer.
Class as well as group discussions will cover a variety of topics that you can contribute to. This will give you the chance to develop comfort in speaking in front of groups. Communication is an important tool in the Aquinas program. Sharing ideas or giving positive criticism to help make the program better is valuable to each others learning. You will also have the opportunity to share your feelings on paper as well and that will give your colleagues as well as you professors papers that they can look back on.

In general one can never have too much experience and the Truth in Society section helps you get a jump on that experience.

This program gives you the opportunity to develop your research skills right from the beginning of you university career. These skills will become more and more important as your career progresses. The road to success via Aquinas may be new and less travelled, however, it will certainly be the road to greatness.

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