Truth in Society

Thursday, September 15, 1994

Prompt #3

last time

In our first meeting, you learned about the course--something of what it's about and the way it will work. One thing you learned to do by doing last time was inkshedding. We'll begin today with the inksheds and questions from Tuesday's work.

the day's work

There are two prompts to direct today's work. This is the first.

If you haven't already, pick up a single stapled cluster of inkshed and questions. As you read and reflect on your colleague's belief-inkshed and the questions it generated, jot down notes that you might use to think about what you're reading. When you are done reading and note-taking, look around for someone who is finished and swap your work with her. Read as many clusters as you have time for. After about half-an-hour of reading, reflecting, and note-taking, we'll have a whole-class discussion in which we will try to identify recurring questions.

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