Truth in Society

Thursday, September 15, 1994

Prompt #4

The Rest of the Day

We've been rummaging around this summer, trying to find some episodes we think are appropriate for investigating the question, "How do people come to believe what they believe?" We found six episodes with which to start. For today's work, we have selected some short introductory readings--appetizers really--to these six episodes. We suggest you nibble on something from each of the six offerings by reading at least one of the photocopies from each of the six boxes. We suggest you pig out on one of the six by reading a couple more from that box.

The readings in each box are not all the same. You may well want to sniff around a bit in each box to avoid `eating' something that disagrees with you. When you find something that looks appealing, take it, find a good place for you (Sir James Dunn Hall has some fine nooks and quite a few crannies), and read.

When you finish reading, by way of digesting the material, add a response on one of the comment pages already attached to the end of the reading. You may sign your response or not as you wish. You may respond to the original reading, to your colleagues' responses to the reading, or both. Your response may make reference to the questions posted around the room on flip chart paper or not, as you wish. From you, your colleagues will need to know whether what you read is worth looking at. They'll also probably want to know the reasons for your assessment. As you read, mark up the copy with graffiti if you wish.

As you do your reading today, keep your eyes open for other sources that look promising, sources you would recommend your class colleagues might munch on further down the investigative road. Keep a separate list of those sources; they will be valuable soon.

As soon as you've finished reading, reflecting on and responding to the reading, please return it to its box so another class colleague might use it.

By 4:30 today, then, you should have read at least one reading from each of the six episode boxes, as well as a couple more from one box. On each of the readings you should have left your mark--some written reflection about the reading and/or about the responses of your colleagues.

Please be back in EC 120 by 4:30 pm today.

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