Truth in Society

Thursday, September 15, 1994

Prompt #5

For the Weekend

While we were rummaging around finding appetizing readings to get us started on these six episodes, we also were discovering visual introductions in the form of videos. Between now and Tuesday's class, please do some video watching. We suggest you plan on spending about five hours watching on Friday and/or Monday. This will allow you to take in at least two and perhaps as many as four of the videos on the list on the reverse before class on Tuesday.

To facilitate this assignment, we have arranged for the videos to be shown a number of times tomorrow and Monday in the Black Box Theatre in Sir James Dunn Hall. The schedule of video showings appears on the back of this prompt as well as on posters here and there around the University under the guise of The Last Truth in Society Film Celebration. Since the showings are open to the community, you may want to invite friends, potential friends or people suspected of being friends.

Write up a reflection between now and next class on the videos you watch.

How long? For a feature-length film, a single double-spaced (type-written) page or two is okay. For the shorter ones, proportionately less. You be the judge. What should you focus your reflection on? You might start with one (or more) of the questions that came up recurrently in today's whole-class discussion in connection with the inksheddings about belief. You might discuss your own reaction to the video, or the connections or contrasts you see with the way these incidents and concerns are treated in the documents you've been reading. (The documents will be in the Black Box Theatre so you can refresh your memory, see what other people said, read some new ones, whatever.)

Bring a shareable (that means clearly written in black or dark ink, typed, or printed by word-processor) copy of each reflection on a video to class next Tuesday. That class will meet at 8:30 IN THE LIBRARY. That's the Harriet Irving Library, Room 112, Library Conference Room [first floor; straight in from the doors; just to the right of the stairs; on the left; if you get to the elevator, you've gone too far.]

One more time: next class we meet in the library. If you forget and come to EC 120, turn around and make for the library!



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