Truth in Society

Thursday, September 15, 1994

Prompt #6

Logging On and Sending an E-Mail Message

To use Mail you need first to go to the computer labs on the top floor of Sir James Dunn Hall, during the hours they are open.

Once there, follow the instructions on the sheet titled, New Login Access, St. Thomas Unviersity, Login Script. You'll need your student card, specifically the barcode number on the back.

You may encounter difficulty; 10% of the new accounts were entered without a bar code. If you can't get on after a couple of tries, talk to a lab assistant or get hold of Russ.

If you have never looked at a computer before, and have never typed on a keyboard, you can ask a staff member (or someone else in the class who's already succeeded in logging on) for help. If you have even a tad of experience, try it yourself first. We predict you'll do just fine (you can't break anything, unless you get physical with the equipment).

Log in on the computer network. Read the notice(s) that will appear, following the instructions at the bottom of the screen to move through the notice(s).

You will be at the Main Menu screen. It will look something like this.

[Screen shot of main menu here]

Choose Mail. The screen should look like what's at the top of the next page.

[Screen shot of Pegasus Mail opening page here]

By reading the top of the screen, you will know you are in "Pegasus Mail." At the Mail Options menu, choose S: Send a Message.

You will be at the address line. Type TRUTHFAC and press {enter}.

You will be at the next (subject) line. Type First Message and press {enter}.

You will be at the first line of your message. What do you say? What we'd really like to know is what expectations, hopes and concerns (or problems and questions) you've got now that you're a week into the course. We'll respond to whatever you say, and this time it's private (only the three of us will see it). And we're serious about wanting to know what you think is going well and what you're worried about.

When you're finished, sign it with your name at the bottom and press {ctrl}{enter} (that means, hold the key marked {ctrl} down and press the {enter} key.

Pegasus Mail now asks you if you really want to send the message. If you do (and you probably do) press y for yes, and then {enter}.

You're back at the Mail Options menu. If you are finished with Mail, press Q, then {enter}, to Quit using Mail.

You'll be back at the Main Menu. If you are finished with your computer session, log out by pressing the F1 key.

Do this before Tuesday morning (preferably before Monday afternoon, so you can check back and see if we've answered your mail).

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