Truth in Society

Thursday, Sept. 22, 1994

Prompt #9

This Morning

We'll begin by collecting the group reports from last time, first thing, so that we can get them photocopied. We'd also like the wonderful colour-coded sheets from last time with the questions on them, for the archives.

Making sense of the library experience . . .

We want to take a few minutes this morning to do some reflecting on what happened Tuesday. As you know, we'd thought about doing that at the end of the day, and decided that everybody had worked so hard all day that it might not be useful. There's another argument for putting it off: often that kind of experience takes a while to "settle," and for us to realize what we learned and didn't learn. So what we'd like to begin with this morning is ten minutes of inkshedding on the library.

As usual, let the writing take you, rather than planning what you're going to say. Things you might be thinking about include what you are now able to do that you wouldn't have been able to do before you spent some time in the library, what you know that you didn't know, what you now know you need to know. And also, what responses you had -- if you were confused, or comfortable, or scared, or confident, talk about that. Just keep writing so that you let what you're writing develop new connections and ideas.

When you've written for ten minutes, we'll swap the inksheds between tables and write and mark them.

When you're marking them, remember to mark whole passages, so that someone reading just the marked portion will be able to make sense out of them. In this case, we're going to have the marked portions transcribed, as a sort of record of what we all learned and how we all felt about it. Look particularly for things which didn't get mentioned in our discussion/report session yesterday at 1:00.

When we've finished with that, we'll ask each group to identify one or two ideas they thought particularly important.

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