Truth in Society

Thursday, September 22, 1994

Prompt #10

Later that same morning

The video reflections . . .

You and your class colleagues generated over ninety separate reflections on the videos of the Last Truth in Society Film Celebration. As we grazed through them, we were struck by their usefulness. Many are thoughtful, helpful pieces of writing. Your task for the rest of the morning is to distil the ninety into texts that can be used by the whole section. Here's what we suggest:

We'll begin by setting up six groups. Each group will work with the written reflections on the videos, one group per episode. The exception to this is the group which will get some reflections on the "Newscast" with the Galileo item and some on The Burning Times. Since there were many more reflections on The Burning Times and many fewer on the "Newscast," we'll divide those on The Burning Times among two groups.

The first step in this work is to meet and do the usual round of introductions. Following this, divvy up the reflections so that each person has roughly the same amount to read. As you read, mark the passages that you think others in your group ought to see. Next, trade your sheaf of reflections with someone else in your group and repeat the reading and marking process.

Once you have read and marked two sheaves of video reflections, share with the others in your group the marked passages. You may choose to do this by reading them aloud, or passing the reflections around, whatever seems to fit for the group. As you listen or read, look for similarities in the passages. Look for differences. Look for other kinds of patterns. Attend to and note any questions that arise as you listen.

Appoint a scribe to keep a record of the main points of your discussion -- similarities, differences, other patterns, and, perhaps most important, questions. The scribe's record -- which should include a list of the group members on the first page -- will be used, along with the other writing you've done thus far, in the afternoon's work. Turn in the scribe's record before you leave for lunch at 11:30.

Please return to EC 120 at 1:00 pm.

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