Truth in Society

Thursday, September 22, 1994

Prompt #12

And now for something completely different . . .

In the "Opening Notes" we said this:

During the year, we will be asking you to attend concerts, theatre productions, gallery openings or shows, and lectures and presentations, to buy books, and to write about the experiences on an open electronic bulletin board.

It's time to start this process. You may have noticed posters around the campus for The Occupation of Heather Rose, the play to be performed in the STU Black Box Theatre tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00.

This will be the first occasion on which you'll have the opportunity to attend a play and write about it for this class, as part of the course requirements. In this case, as in most, we won't require anyone to go, but there will be a certain minimum number of such occasions which you'll have to attend and write about. This would be, we think, a good one to start with. While it's not directly relevant to our theme, we expect that you'll see lots of connections between the issues this play is about and the kinds of things that have come up in connection with Grey Owl and people's ideas about what constitutes "the Indian." But whatever you have to say about it is okay. (Simply announcing that you liked it or didn't like it won't give the rest of us much to think about, though . . . )

What you need to do is easily stated. Go to the play, watch it with some attention, and write a reflection on what you've seen. The reflection should be written with the knowledge that it will be read primarily by other people in this class who have also seen the play. In your reflections, try to make connections between the play and the issues we're beginning to talk about in this course. It should be as long as it needs to be to say what you have to say.

There are a couple of ways to get your response to the play to your colleagues. One is to word-process or handwrite it and give it to Thom, John or Russ, who will photocopy it and post it on the wall in EC 120. Another is to type it in as an email message and send it to TRUTHFAC; one of us will print it and post it. Either way, if you don't get it in before Tuesday morning it'll be pretty irrelevant to the discussion (the best way to do this is to sit down immediately after the performance and inkshed -- otherwise you forget the details which are the most important element of writing about such things).

Eventually, we'll be doing this on the electronic bulletin board on the computer network, but it seems a little early to start that, so we'll begin by using a real, non-electronic bulletin board.

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