Truth in Society

Tuesday, October 4, 1994

Prompt #19

Reflections on The Occupation of Heather Rose

Here are thirteen responses to the play. I've made copies for each of those who responded, to make sure they have a chance to read each others' responses, and a few extras for whoever wants to read them.

The responses are by:

[names omitted]

An assignment: would each of the people on that list, once you've had a chance to read the other responses, send to TRUTHFAC an email message identifying what seems to you the most valuable or thought-provoking passage from someone else's reflection on the play? It might be just a sentence, or a whole paragraph. Type the passage out (or at least the beginning and ending phrases, with an ellipsis [ . . . ] in between) and explain in a sentence or so why that passage seems important to you. We'll print and distribute (anonymously, this time) these comments, after class on Thursday.

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