Truth in Society

Tuesday, October 4, 1994

Prompt #21

Ahhhh. The end of the Truth in Society day! This is also the end of the beginning. That is, it is the last day of the introductory phase of this section of the Aquinas Program. On Thursday we begin a new phase. You will notice a change in the way we do things, a change that arises out of the changing nature of our inquiry into how people come to believe what they believe.

Since this is the end of the beginning, we figured it would be an occasion to reflect on the first four weeks of the Truth in Society section of the Aquinas Program, a time to think about where we've been and where we're going.

You won't be surprised to find out we're going to do some inkshedding.

Please do some thinking/writing (inkshedding) about:

Make these anonymous or not, as you like. These inksheds will be treated like the others you have done: your colleagues will read them, and mark them; we have them transcribed and "publish" them. We'll read them Thursday, first thing.

Before you start writing, if you haven't done so already, turn in your prioritized list of episodes it would be best for the Truth in Society section to study. At the end of the inkshedding and marking, we'll announce which three foci you've decided to investigate further. Then, before Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., tell us, via email, which of the three you'd most like to work on. Send us a message with the three listed in order of your preference. We need to know that by tomorrow in order to set up the three "focus groups" that will meet for the first time on Thursday.

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