Truth in Society

October 11, 1994

Prompt #23

Moving out . . . It's time to spend some time working independently to get deeply into something related to your focus. We're going to begin this process today by considering the "written reflection on the sort of thing (or sorts of things) that you'd like to sit out in the sun and read for a while next week" that you're bringing with you.

To do that, we'll begin by separating into the three focus groups. The three groups will meet simultaneously -- Scopes with John, Jonestown with Thom, and Salem with Russ. We'll tell you where each group is meeting.

When we're together, the first thing we'll do is share the written reflections around the group. It shouldn't take long to read them; they probably won't be very long. It may take a little longer, however, to respond to them: you should write a response to at least five of the ones that you look at (as usual, if someone else has already responded, add yours). The responses might be suggestions for places or ways to look for readings, reflections on the choice, ways of widening the focus, narrowing it, creating connections with the focus episode; you might even suggest particular readings -- whatever seems helpful.

When everyone's had a chance to read eight or ten and respond to five or six, we'll get the reflections back to their authors, and discuss strategies, particularly looking for parallels, duplications, etc. When everyone's reasonably sure she knows what she's looking for, we'll break up and go looking.

For the rest of the day, you should look until you find something, and start reading when you do.

At 4:00, we'll reconvene in EC 120 to see what everyone's done.

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