Truth in Society

October 20, 1994

Prompt #27

Finding out: reading, marking, writing

After the usual preliminaries -- checking in, attendance-taking, announcements, colored sheet stapling, prompt (and bibliography) distribution and reading -- we'll be asking you to meet in your focus groups. Once there, you will have a chance to find out what your focus group colleagues have discovered thus far.

Please read all the discussion papers in your focus group. As you begin to read, initial each one, and, as you continue, mark up the text as usual, "talking" to the author as you read. When you've finished reading, reflect on what you've read, and, when you're ready, add a comment on the colored sheet stapled to the discussion paper.

What should you write? That's up to you, of course. You might try making connections between the discussion paper and the book you read. Or you might find it useful to note the differences between the discussion paper and the book you read. Or you might point to both similarities and differences. Write whatever you think will help advance the group's collaborative inquiry.

We guess that this reading, marking, reflecting, responding cycle will take most of the morning. As you finish each discussion paper, you may want to check it off your copy of the group's bibliography. You may also find it useful to note on the bibliography those books which are possibilities for your second reading.

In the afternoon you will again meet with your focus group in EC 120, but on the following schedule:

1:00 Scopes Group
2:00 Jonestown Group
3:30 Salem Group

Although there will be no whole-section late afternoon meeting today, we know you will want to use the "open" time in the afternoon to read, or think, or talk, or write about some aspect of Truth in Society.

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