Truth in Society

October 25, 1994

Prompt #30

Touching base, sprinting toward Thursday . . .

People will, we assume, have been doing different things today. Some will have been getting their "DISCUSS" document into the Q: directory; some will have been working on further readings; some will have been doing both.

We'll talk about problems people may have encountered at the end of this meeting. For right now, first, we want to make clear what you need to do for class Thursday.

Having had some time now (since the end of class last Thursday) to immerse yourself in a second text, or clutch of related texts, what you should do is this: write a second document, in many ways parallel to the first discussion paper, about your experience of reading since last Thursday.

Last Thursday, we asked you to consider some of the following questions with respect to your reading: "What connections have you been able to draw? What new issues have come into view? On the basis of what you've just done, what seems to you to be a logical next step?" We also asked you to begin thinking about what we called questions "of a second sort, ones that have to do with the authority (author-ity) which the various authors claim our attention."

For next Thursday, we suggest a little more focus on this second kind of question. Remember, though, that the most useful things you can write are usually the most concrete: examples, quotations, specific differences of fact or interpretation between the two readings, or between different parts of one. Write your reflection on your reading, and save it in both your own H: drive and in the Q: drive subdirectory for your group (either q:\scopes, q:\jones, or q:\salem). This time, call the file DISCUSS2.XXX. We've renamed all the files already there as DISCUSS1.XXX, to keep them distinguishable. As you did last time, replace the XXX with your initials. Print out two copies of your file and bring them to class at 8:30 Thursday..

Further, bring at least one hard copy of your first discussion paper to class as well. We'll be working with both of them during class on Thursday; and we'll be going back to the computer files during the day, so make sure your file is in Q:, appropriately named, before 8:30.

When we've had a chance to make sure this is all clear, we'll discuss whatever problems people encountered today.

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