Truth in Society

October 27, 1994

Prompt #32


In this morning's prompt we predicted that the different focus groups would choose different ways to divide themselves into temporary working groups. From what we could gather, that certainly seems to have been true.

The ideas in the reflections you wrote earlier this afternoon will eventually get fed back into your focus group as a whole. But for now gather in your "temporary working group" (which should consist of four or five individuals). If your focus group this morning didn't get so far as to form working groups, this is the first thing you need to do this afternoon.

Once reinstalled in this subgroup, inkshed each other's reflections. Then work together to identify the basis of your subgroup. On what basis did you assemble yourselves in the first place? Now that you have written your reflections, and read and responded to those of the other members of your subgroup, has the basis shifted? In other words: What's your common ground? What is it that has made / is making / might make the three or four of you into an effective working group?

As you work together to identify, clarify, negotiate and establish an identity, one way to define your particular focus or interest would be to pick a name for yourselves. Make it something catchy, but also something that conveys what you've been doing -- and what you might do in the future. (And make it eight characters or less long.)

Before leaving for the day organize a time to meet -- probably tomorrow -- and produce a "statement of undertaking" for Tuesday: What services might your subgroup be willing and able to provide to the focus group as a whole? What angle on the subject, what particular interest might your group explore more deeply and reflect on more extensively? What work are you prepared to undertake to further your focus group's inquiry?

One subgroup member should take on the responsibility of inputting this draft into your focus group's Q: subdirectory. Use your chosen subgroup name as the name of the file, and the extension SOU (for "statement of undertaking"). So, for example, a name might be SPELL.SOU, KORESH.SOU, LAWYERS.SOU . . .

Between today and Monday supper time, each group should arrange to get the SOU file into the Q: directory, allowing time for each subgroup member to log on, retrieve this file, and add a comment or reflection at the bottom. By Monday night, then, there should be an *.SOU file for each group, and a comment (a paragraph or two at the minimum) from each member of the group.

We'll then be able to print out for Tuesday morning the file containing the original rough draft of your statement of undertaking, and at least four or five individual comments (of a paragraph or two each).

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