Truth in Society

November 3, 1994

Prompt #35

For today

Today each working group will meet to decide on a strategy to accomplish the work each has undertaken. John or Russ or Thom will be there to help out.

This time next week (November 10th), your working group will give a progress report to the other members of your focus group. So it's necessary to proceed with your reading, reflecting and writing with some alacrity -- so that you have some progress to report!

Here's the schedule of today's meetings, all of which will convene in EC120 (and perhaps relocate from there). If you aren't in a group which is meeting early, you should get together with the other members of your working group so you can negotiate how you and your working group are going to implement the "statement of undertaking" one of you told us about during the last class. You might find it useful to go to the library, or to do some reading.

8:45 am:
Farout (Jonestown) meets with John
Seven (Jonestown) meets with Thom
Groupies (Jonestown) meets with Russ
10:00 am:
Motives (Salem) meets with Russ
Powers (Salem) meets with John
1:00 pm:
Media* (Scopes) meets with Russ
Social Structure* (Scopes) meets with John
2:30 pm:
Background* (Scopes) meets with Thom
3:30 pm:
Voodoos (Salem) meets with Thom
* The names for the Scopes working groups are the ones used in the presentation on Tuesday.

Looking ahead

Before we get started it might be useful to run through an outline of what's happening between now and the end of the semester, to get a clear idea of what all this work is leading toward, what you're trying to focus on and why. In the course description, we said that at the end of this semester we're going to be producing a course book for this section of the Aquinas program. It's now early November, and time to think about when & how that will happen. So, here's a tentative schedule:

Here's a tentative schedule for the rest of the term. (Please note that the first item is for today, and is part of the schedule of meetings listed in the first section.)

November 3:
working groups meet (schedule to be set)
Salem focus group meets in EC 120, 1:00 pm
November 8:
working groups work
Scopes focus group meets in EC 120, 1:00 pm
November 10:
working groups make oral progress reports to focus groups
November 15:
working groups work
Jonestown focus group meets in EC 120, 1:00 pm
November 17:
working groups give written progress reports to focus groups [on shared drive q: by 8:00 am, Nov. 17]
November 22:
working groups submit completed reports of findings; using these completed reports, focus groups begin work on their contribution to the course book; [to do this the completed reports will have to be on shared drive q: by 8:00 am Nov. 22]
November 24:
focus groups continue work on their course book contribution
November 29:
focus groups complete publication of their text in class; [this means a publishable, laser-printed copy by 5:00 pm]
December 1:
focus groups prepare for public presentation of findings
December 6:
public launching of Truth in Society course book (part 1); presentation (Black Box Theater?)

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