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Colleague Acknowledgements

Below is a list of everyone enrolled in the Truth in Society section of the Aquinas Program. Read through the list first and make a preliminary decision about who you want to acknowledge. You may want to go to other sources -- your own notes, the documents collected in Q: under the DISCUSS subdirectories, documents you've accumulated, transcribed inksheds, etc., to help make this decision, and to make your acknowledgements concrete and specific. Type in your acknowledgements under the name of the person you're acknowledging. You are NOT responsible for writing something under each name. Acknowledge only those people you learned from.

Quote your colleagues if you can. If you are confident using WordPerfect, you can merge whole paragraphs from individual DISCUSS files into your colleague acknowledgements. (By December we will expect everyone will be able to do this.)

[Names of everyone in the section will appear here, in random order]

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