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My Own Learning

Having acknowledged what you've learned from your colleagues, you've probably thought at some length about what you've learned yourself so far through (or at least during) your participation in the Truth in Society section.

Think back to September, and write a paragraph in which you identify and explain at least one important idea or understanding that you weren't aware of in September and which you now know something about. It might concern a historical event or an idea, or how to do something, or it might be an attitude toward something. If you can, write up to three such paragraphs.

Look back over anything you wrote in September which you still have copies of. Look for something that you wrote in September that you wouldn't write now, either because you know or understand something you didn't then, or because you would write it in a different way now. Type it in the space below, exactly as written, and write an explanation of why you wouldn't write it now. (The piece of writing could be something written for the Truth in Society section or for another class, but if it's for another class make sure to explain the situation in which it was written clearly enough that we can understand it).

Now, look over whatever you've written since the middle of October. Look for something you wouldn't have written before you began university, and do exactly the same -- that is, type it in below and then write an explanation of what you did that you wouldn't have done in September.

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