Truth in Society

November 15, 1994

Prompt #37

Moving toward written reporting

Each of the working groups has now had a substantial amount of time to begin working -- individually, and together, and with the helpful responses of the whole focus group -- toward a written report to the rest of the focus group. For the whole focus group to do its work on Thursday, your colleagues will need a written text from your working group.

About today, our schedule says, "Work groups work." We believe that's what ought to happen. We have some suggestions we can make, and we expect that every group will probably want to meet twice during the day (once at the beginning to plan; once at the end to coordinate). If you want one of us to attend either meeting to help or advise, make sure and check with whoever you want to meet with to make sure he's available.

The report your work group gives to your focus group on Thursday should be as substantial and substantive, coherent as you can make it. Within the work group, there are a number of strategies for getting your individual efforts into a unified report. How you'll do it will probably be decided by how your various angles or topics fit together. One strategy would be to have one unified report, signed by everyone in the group. If your work doesn't fit together so neatly, you may need a different strategy. It might be to construct a report with an introduction that helps the reader see how the parts fit together, followed by the parts, adjusted and edited so they in fact do fit together. The parts might be presented as separate, signed sections, maybe not. Perhaps the alternative strategy that works for your work group will be somewhere in between. Notice that none of these strategies assumes that "unified" or "coherent" means "having only one angle or perspective." By now your class colleagues assume that whatever else they read, there will be different--maybe contradictory--perspectives. However you do it, by the time your report is complete everyone should have read and had input into all the parts of the report. When it's complete--sometime before 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning (earlier is better)--enter it into Q: drive, under the name GROUP.RPT, where GROUP is the name of your working group, e.g., FAROUT.RPT, LEFTOVER.RPT, OATHMEAL.RPT.

You are probably aware that there are some inconvenient limitations on computer access this week. We're doing our best to correct the situation, but in the meantime here are some alternatives. If you take a diskette and go to the basement of the library, or to Singer Hall (just below and to the right as you go out of the library), there are computer labs where you'll be able to use WordPerfect, though you can't get to the STU network. If you take your diskette to John, Thom or Russ they'll put whatever files you want on Q:.

You should be able to get into the computer lab here if you're really persistent (or if we manage to find a way to free up the lab that's been booked during the day for the whole week). Try at supper time (always a good chance then).

We're presuming that by now everyone's managed to get the colleague acknowledgments, learning reflections, and program evaluations into the mail. If you've had a problem getting yours in, your first priority this morning should be to finish these three responses to Prompt #36. if you can't get into the lab, bring a disk to any of us; we'll put the three files on it and you can take it down to the unb labs and try there. in order to include them in the process (and for you to get credit for doing them), we have to have them this morning. we're going to be spending some time this morning organizing those and preparing them for the assessment process, so we need your material as early as possible.

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