Truth in Society

November 29, 1994

Prompt #42

Moving in on deadlines

Because we don't know what the actual status of the three focus group reports is, and because we suspect most people in other groups don't, either, we're going to begin today with short status reports from each of the three focus groups. We'll give you a few minutes to confer about what the rest of us need to know and who should say it, and then we'll ask each focus group for a short report.

What we're primarily interested in right now is the status of your manuscript. We think everybody'd like to know how far along it is, how long it is, how it's organized, what's been done and what needs to be done, and how long you estimate it will take to do it.

If we can, we'd like to structure some reading and feedback from members of other focus groups for the manuscripts between the time they have their basic shape and the time they get polished for printing. If that's impossible, then we won't do it. If it is possible, we'll ask that some people from each group -- people who've done most of what they need to do on their own group's reports -- volunteer to read another focus group's reports. We're thinking that people outside each focus group may be able to ask the sorts of questions that might not occur to members of the group because they've worked so closely with the material for so long.

After we've heard the reports from the three focus groups, we'll discuss what's possible and what the most useful and efficient way to structure the rest of the day is.


We're going to try to circulate as many of the reflections on outside occasions as we can this week. One problem with doing that has been that we've wanted to wait until they're all in before we printed them and circulated them. But they've been dribbling in weeks after the event is over with. We're going to begin establishing deadlines beyond which we won't be able to accept them. For right now, we're going to say that the deadline for reflections on An Evening of Ionesco is tomorrow afternoon, and for reflections on A Christmas Carol will be tomorrow afternoon unless someone sends an email message saying that she has firm plans to see it at some future date; in that case, the deadline will be the afternoon after the latest date anyone stipulates. And from now on, the deadline for reflections will be two days after the event.

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