Truth in Society

December 1, 1994

Prompt #43

Celebrating achievements

All three groups made it, one way or another, and yesterday we managed to get an amazing amount of printing and photocopying done. Amazing not so much because we're surprising, as because the technology -- computers and photocopying, mainly -- is surprising (just ask the people in the Technology and Social Change section).

We failed to do one thing, however: we couldn't find a way to get UNB Graphic Services to fold and "saddle-stitch" the documents. And we couldn't find the time ourselves to do it. We'll show you how to do it for yourself, first thing this morning.

One thing we need to do is to make sure we all know what kind of achievement all three of these booklets represents, and what kind of learning can be done with them. So, here's your assignment for January 10: write a substantial reflection on each of the two booklets you weren't involved in. You should address, in some orderly and interesting fashion, at least the following issues:

You can, of course, add any other comments (positive and constructive) you have about the booklet. Your piece, signed, will be made available to everyone as we begin the second half of this strange adventure next term.

Further celebration

For today, we need to decide what we can do to celebrate this learning in a more public way in the Black Box, next Tuesday morning. We suggest that focus groups might get together first thing this morning, brainstorm for a while, and report to the rest of us at the end of the morning, at, say, 11:00. We'll probably decide then to meet again sometimes during the afternoon to organize special committees to look after the various arrangements.

What possibilities are there? Well, there are poster displays, readings of relevant texts, showings of videos, sales of the book, whatever you can come up with. What we imagine is that we'll do whatever we decide to do in the Black Box Tuesday morning (perhaps inviting the other sections of the Aquinas Program in, perhaps inviting others), have a celebratory lunch together afterward so (let's plan that today, too, if everybody thinks it's a good idea), and take Tuesday afternoon off. That, we shouldn't have to plan.

(A number of us want to attend the Memorial Service for the victims of the Montreal Massacre, which will take place at 11:45 on Tuesday in the Chapel. We'll want to plan around this.)

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