Truth in Society

January 10, 1995

The Schedule

Here are the new groups which will meet in the disciplinary seminars.

Saletown                   Scopelem                     Scopetown
[Names deleted]

And here are the times the groups will be meeting:

                  10:00             1:00              2:30
January 10        Saletown          Scopelem          Scopetown
January 12        Scopelem          Scopetown         Saletown

January 17        Scopetown         Saletown          Scopelem
January 19        Saletown          Scopelem          Scopetown

January 24        Scopelem          Scopetown         Saletown
January 26        Scopetown         Saletown          Scopelem

January 31        Saletown          Scopelem          Scopetown
February 2        Scopelem          Scopetown         Saletown    

February 7        Scopetown         Saletown          Scopelem

Each of these time slots will be focused on one discipline: that is, the 10:00 meetings will all be centered around sociology, the 1:00 meetings around religious studies, and the 2:30 ones around language and literature. (The 2:30 meetings might, on individual bases, be moved to 8:30, if people in the individual seminars want to do that). Keep this schedule handy, so you'll know when you have a seminar schedule. We'll also have one posted on the bulletin board in EC 120, and there'll be a WordPerfect copy in directory P: in the computer network, called SCHEDULE.W95.

After the week of February 7, we'll be using the independent reading reports as a basis for evolving some new foci of interest, and deciding who'll work on what. There'll be more specific descriptions of how that will all happen later, but right now we should make it clear that, in outline, the schedule will work like this:

January 19  4:00  Business meeting
January 31  8:00  Last reading log deadline
February 2  4:00  Business meeting
February 3  5:00  Email suggestions for feasibility study groups due
February 7  4:00  Feasibility study groups set up
February 16       Recommendations for focus topics in
February 21       Decision on foci
February 23 4:00  Business meeting
March  2          Statements of undertaking presented to focus groups
March 5-11        Spring break
March 14    8:30  Full class meeting
March 21-23       Interim reports exchanged and responded to
Marcy 23    4:00  Business meeting
March 28          Final planning for Chautauqua
March 30          Chautauqua
April 11          Edited final reports due (last day of class)
April 21          Colleague acknowledgements and program evaluations due

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