Some tips on editing files with WordPerfect 5.1+


One thing you might want to do is to mark a whole block of text and erase it. Here's one way (there are others, depending on whether you use pulldown menus or the mouse).

Put the cursor at the beginning of the section you want to remove. Press . (A flashing notice at the bottom of the screen will tell you "Block On.") Between where the cursor is and where you move it, the program will create a block and highlight it.

A tip: when the block is on, the cursor will also go to the next thing you type -- if you type a letter, it'll go to the first occurrence of that letter; a period will take you to the next period (nice if you're taking a sentence out); an -- also called a "Hard Return" -- will go to the next place the text has a "carriage return" in it, which is convenient if you want to take out a paragraph.

When you've got the block marked, press the Delete key. Tell the program Yes, you want to delete the block, and it's gone.

If you wanted to move the block, mark it the same way, and press instead of . The block will disappear and the message "Move cursor; press Enter to retrieve" will appear. Put the cursor where you want the beginning of the block to be, and do that. Presto.

And if you want to copy the block, do the same thing but press ; the highlighting will disappear, and a new copy of everything in the block will appear where the cursor is the next time you press .

Reading Files

To insert a whole new file into the file you're editing, put the cursor where you want the beginning of it to go, and press to get a directory. At this point you can change directories (for instance, if you're in your H: directory you can go to Q: and then to a subdirectory to find a file). When you've found the file you want, highlight it, press 1, tell the program, yes, you want to retrieve it into the current document, and there it'll be. (CAUTION: if you're in WordPerfect 6.0, you must press 2 at that point, not 1, or it'll simply open a second document. DOUBLE CAUTION: if you've worked in WordPerfect 6.0 and get used to pressing 2 then, watch it if you go back to 5.1, because 2 is the command for deleting the file in that program.

Don't ask why.

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