Truth in Society

February 14, 1995

Prompt #54

Progress Reports . . .

We'll meet for a hour or so this morning to give, and respond to, progress reports on the fourteen feasibility studies that are being conducted. It seems to make sense to split the work by organizing three temporary groupings that can meet simultaneously. The goal will be to clarify the work that remains to be done so that the feasibility studies can be finished by 4:00 this afternoon. It will help to keep in mind the five questions spelt out in Prompt #53, concerning (1) the specificity of the topic, (2) the availability of resource material, (3) the fruitfulness of the topic for getting at significant questions concerning believing, (4) the range of suitable subtopics, and (5) the probable level of interest that the topic and subtopics might generate.

The 4:00 deadline for completing feasibility studies will allow us to make and distribute copies before you leave for the day. We'll have Prompt #56 ready, giving suggestions about you can do for Thursday.

Here are the groupings that we'll form this morning. (We've set them up primarily so that the numbers came out even; if changes need to be made, let us know immediately.)

For the rest of the day, you should be using the advice and feedback you get from the seminar to prepare the final version of the feasibility report. This will probably involve further library research, and may entail other work as well. The final study should be available for photocopying at 4:00 today. If it's not available at 4:00, the group will be responsible for making their own copies and getting one to each of the twelve or thirteen people designated to read it (a list will be distributed at 4:00), and one each to John, Russ, and Thom.

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